Camel Fans ~ Memorabilia
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Kevan Goldsby-West "Supertwister" ~ Camel Memorabilia
1981 tour scarf
1982 tour scarf
 1982 European Tour Shirt
'I can see your house from here' t-shirt
Andy Latimer 10th anniversary interview cassette
1982 tour shirt
1984 tour  sweatshirt

Peter Beasley ~ Camel Memorabilia
New Musical Express, 16 March 74
Melody Maker, 26 October 74
Melody Maker, 9 November 1974
Melody Maker, 21 February 74
Melody Maker, 6 July 74

Ian Evans ~ Camel Memorabilia
Moonmadness tour review
Tour without Peter Bardens
Set List - 75/78
Stationary Traveller Prog - Signed

Mick Walker ~ Camel Memorabilia
A Camel message from Mick

Breathless tour poster
Signed Nude programme
Stuffed! Camel
Clay plate
'Nude' gig at Demontfort hall
Nude tour poster
Nude T-Shirt
Programmes & Badges
Rain Dances poster

David Pagden "noni" ~ Camel Memorabilia
CD collection
Stationary Traveller - gig ticket
T-shirt collection
DVD collection
Stationary Traveller T-shirt
Stationary traveller Tour Programme - CLICK HERE TO SEE INSIDE

Christian Bouvrie "adap" ~ Camel Memorabilia
Prog-résiste Number 37 - 3rd quarter 2004
This is Prog-résiste Magazine issue 37 & is still available
Click image for more details
Dust & Dreams CD Insert
Nude Album
Stationary Traveller Tshirt
Dust and Dreams tour ticket
Dust and Dreams tour card
Farewell tour tickets

Roy Smith from the UK ~ Camel Memorabilia
Ticket from when I met Andy Lat and Kit Watkins
Ticket from the follwing day - I think?

Artur from Poland ~ Camel Memorabilia
Japanese edition of Stationary Traveller CD
Korean edition of ANAAW
Colin Bass signed copy of On The Road 1981.

Ian James "Stationary M25 Traveller" ~ Camel Memorabilia
20th Anniversary tour ticket
Rajaz tour ticket
Farewell tour ticket

Bob Martin ~ Camel Memorabilia
Camel CD collection
ICSYHFH Cassette
Farewell tour Sheffield ticket ~ the last gig
Tshirt and DVD/video collection
Vinyl collection

Rik Taylor ~ Camel Memorabilia
Rain Dances Tour Programme - CLICK HERE TO SEE INSIDE
I Can See Your House From Here Tour Programme - CLICK HERE TO SEE INSIDE
Nude Tour Programme - CLICK HERE TO SEE INSIDE
10th Anniversary Tour Programme - CLICK HERE TO SEE INSIDE

Jupe Uriarte ~ Camel Memorabilia
Farewell tour poster  Bergara -Spain
Farewell tour poster  Bergara -Spain

Other ~ Camel Memorabilia
Japan 2000 Tour Flyer

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