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12th July 2006

Yes that's right, Shane is going back to his roots and will be co-presenting a Camel Radio Special on Radio ARfm.


I have been approached by Paul Baker of the UK's rock radio station ARFM to co-present an updated version of the previously broadcast Camel Radio Special. The main difference this time being that we'd like to present it live!!

I will be flying from Dubai to the UK to present the show with Paul.

Paul and I are at the very early planning stage and a broadcast date has yet to be scheduled.

17th Nov 2006
The Recording Date & Questions for Andy Ward
Those of you who are regular visitors to the Rajaz Forum will have seen that our very own Shane "Camel" Carlson is recording a Camel radio feature in the UK on 25th November for later broadcast. If this wasn't enough, Shane will be interviewing our very own Camel drumming hero ANDY WARD!!

So, if you have a question that you like Andy to answer, please post your question(s) on the Forum topic headed "QUESTIONS FOR ANDY WARD" as soon as possible!

Please be aware that the questions are being sent to Andy for review this Sunday - so don't miss out!!
We look forward to receiving your questions.
In the meantime, take good care and, as always, "Never Let Go..."

18th Nov 2006
Further update from Shane
Hi there Camelites!

Recent weeks have been extremely hectic as I have been preparing a revitalised version of the Camel radio special for broadcast later in 2006.

Lots of things have been going on behind the scenes...including contacting both Andrew Latimer and Andy Ward. Paul Baker from ARFM has also been very supportive and we are both geared up and raring to go for what will undoubtedly be a busy day on Saturday November 25th at the ARFM Midlands studios!

Imagine my delight when, two weeks before the shows recording, I received confirmation that Andy Ward would be available to participate in the programme! With the exception of the "virtual interview" with Andy Ward for the "Heroes" Rajaz web feature, it was back in 1981 that I last met Andy Ward at Friars Aylesbury in the UK. That night, Andy was extremely kind to me in assisting my access to the band during the sound check - as well as getting backstage after the show itself for my first radio interview with Camel! I look back on that night with very fond memories indeed...and perhaps now I can finally get to thank Andy properly!!

I am also using this opportunity to get together with my web-site "partner" Allan "Rajaz" Lavender who doesn't live too far away from the ARFM studios. Allan and I have also been working on a little surprise for you all...so watch this space...AGAIN!!

During the final week of preparations, voice-over rehearsals are in full swing to ensure a smooth running recording as we are endeavouring to keep the show as close to a "live" radio broadcast as possible.

So sit tight my fellow Camel trackers, further bulletins will follow shortly after the show has been "laid down" and I have returned from the UK!

Until then folks...as always..."Never Let Go..."


Shane "Camel" Carlson.

25th Nov 2006
Shane's feedback from the recording at ARfm
It was very early on a wet Saturday morning that I set off for a not-so-sunny Tamworth in the Midlands to find the ARFM studios. Somewhat nervously I bravely ventured out into the unknown as I have a really lousy sense of direction!

Thankfully though, the directions from Paul Baker were outstanding and even a complete and utter directional dyslexic, such as myself, could find the location with ease...and...to top it all...I was on time!

Rather spookily, my Rajaz web-partner Allan Lavender arrived at the same time as me...so it was great to be greeted by a friendly familiar face!

We were very warmly welcomed outside by Paul's "Soundscapes" co-presenter Ralph...and it was terrific to finally meet him...what a nice bloke. As we entered the studios...Paul Baker was there and it was brilliant to put a face to a name and voice!! His wife Lynn (known on air as "The Tea Lady") was also present...even though it was her birthday. I'm sure though that she'd have rather been elsewhere on such a special day - instead of listening to me prattle on about Camel!!

Such hospitality soon put me at my ease...and not too long thereafter we were thoroughly enjoying a lovingly made nice hot cup of tea...courtesy of (quite naturally) "The Tea Lady"!!

Soon we were in the studio getting ready for recording. Paul and Ralph were beavering away ensuring that technically we were ready to rock and roll!! Finally we all knew the we were ready...

My heart began to pound...tiny beads of sweat began to form upon my fevered brow...there was high pitched ringing in my ears and an overwhelming unnerving feeling of dizziness prevailed...however...there was no turning back now...

Allan "Rajaz" Lavender was poised, with video camera at the ready, to record every moment for posterity - and who know what else once his editing software had got to work!!

Deep breaths...and we were off!

Undaunted by a few re-takes I boldly soldiered ever onward and upward until, finally, the voice recording was completed! Despite extensive rehearsals, nothing can quite prepare you for what happens once you get in the studio and behind the microphone!! Sighs of relief all round coupled with much heartfelt congratulations at (hopefully) a job well done.

After another much welcomed cup of tea from "The Tea Lady", it was time to brace myself for the telephone interview with our Camel drumming hero - Andy Ward.

Troubles during the week in patching in phone calls into the studios mixing desk had made us all pray frantically to "The Almighty" in the hope that our new found belief in miracles would see us through this critical time.

Hesitantly I lifted the receiver and dialled the number...it rang twice...followed by a an answering of the call at the other end with

"Hi Andy..."
"Yes...how are you...?"

The ice had been broken. I knew by Andy's extremely positive and lively, friendly tone that all would be well!

After a few more technical "tweakings" whilst Paul and Ralph ensured that all the Band Aid sticking plasters would hold everything together for the duration of the interview, Andy and I chatted away like old friends...

Finally, with a "GOOD LUCK STUDIO!" from Andy it was time to launch ourselves into the interview...

"I'm absolutely delighted to welcome to the show, Camel founder member and original drummer...Andy Ward. Welcome Andy and thank you for joining us today..."

"My pleasure...I'm really pleased to be here..."

Andy talked freely and with great ease about a wide range of topics relating to Camel, The (new) Brew as well as the past, present and future. All was going swimmingly and was met with much approval (and thumbs up!) from those in the studio. Everyone was extremely impressed with Andy's open and honest approach to whatever was asked of him...an interviewers dream!!

None of us had expected the discussions and banter to go on for as long as it did...but sadly we were rapidly approaching the end of the allotted hour. It had passed in an instant!

After concluding the interview, Andy stayed on the line for a last one-to-one chat with yours truly.

We said our goodbyes and hung up. It had been a real pleasure for me personally. The last time I'd interviewed Andy was way back in 1981...and this time round I'd finally got the chance to thank Andy for his help and kindness back then in getting me (and my then girlfriend - now my wife) into the sound-check and then backstage for my first Camel radio interview.

Sincere thanks to Andy for his time...what a day...what great memories!

Hope you enjoy the show when its broadcast!



8th Dec 2006
Outtake Video
Here it is at Last! The Shane "Camel" Carlson "Outtakes Video"!! This short film is a small selection of the outtakes captured by Allan "Rajaz" Lavender at the recent recording of the Camel special radio feature!!
I don't expect any of you will mention this to Shane...oh alright...go on then...
8th Dec 2006
Well, after many hours in the studio and much toiling over a hot mixing desk and awkward computer, it's finally ready!

The show is presented by yours truly and Produced & Edited by Paul Baker. The highlight of the show is an amazing interview with our Camel drumming hero - Andy Ward!

The show will first hit the airwaves on SUNDAY 28 JANUARY 2007 BETWEEN 3-6PM (UK time).

The show will then be repeated on Thursday 1st February between 9am & 12 Mid-day and once again between 6-9pm on that day. Again, all times are UK timings.

For those of you outside of the UK who want to tune in, you can find your local equivalent time at: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/

To hear the show, log-on to: http://www.arfm.co.uk/Schedule.htm

Click on "Listen Live" and then choose your media player (Listen with Windows Media ~or~ 128K stream [ADSL etc] ~or~ ARfm Player ~or~ Winamp).


Shane "Camel" Carlson

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