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Name: James Evinson
Country: UK

Feels like I've been given a knighthood! Poor Susan; when I arrived at the Milton Keynes concert the first thing I heard when I walked through the door of the foyer was her voice - she was going spare since there didn't seem to be enough presence on the Merchandise stand. What could I do? I reintroduced myself to her and she walked me over to the stand and I just took my jacket off & got stuck in with the selling opportunities. It helped that I had been drafted in officially to do the same at Verviers, so I'd had plenty of practice. Payment was a bottle of Carlsberg I libertated from the fridge, since by the time we had finished the bar had closed!

Was a bit fraught afterwards, since we had to do a stocktake, count all the money and make everything tally, and I nearly missed my train back to London.

Anyway, I keep trying (& failing) to get down to an account of my travels (& travails) with Camel.

£46 for a copy of the Snow Goose single - who'd have thought it.



Susan Hoovers Tribute to James:

"James attended 18 out of 19 European performances! During this time, he endeared himself to the band and was affectionately dubbed The Cameleer. James helped in so many ways, not least during the selling of merchandise when the venue's seller did not show up. I personally recall being quite overwhelmed at The Stables, in Milton Keynes, when James appeared, promptly rolled up his sleeves, and got to work. We will remain ever grateful for his kind heart and his tremendous support. James is an Honourary Member of the band now and, if there ever is another tour, James Evinson will be at the top of every guest list.."

Name: Murray Preston
Country: USA

I was at the first show of the Farewell Tour at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz California, and the final show at The Corporation in Sheffield. I'm the one in the green shirt with the glasses in the Sheffield picture. I remember meeting Susan in Santa Cruz, and telling her that I was hoping to catch one of the Euro shows. She replied .. "I really hope that you do too, that would be fantastic". I got the chance to speak to her again after the Sheffield concert near the concession area, and she remembered our conversation in California a few months prior! I'm really looking forward to seeing the Catalyst dvd. Both shows were absolutely stunning and I'll always remember being able to attend Camel's final British concert of their 2003 tour.

Murray Preston
Topanga Canyon, Ca.

Link to Sheffield gig picture

Name: Steve Banks
Country: UK


Thanks for the responseand kind comments - unfortunately this was the only one. I have another photo of my life long friends Ian & Jane, taken inside the venue just before the show started. They are a little older than me (I'm
39!) and took me to see Camel back in 1981 at the Liverpool Empire on the Nude tour. This photo of Andy now takes pride of place on their living room wall, so I'm pleased it's getting around and making a few people smile.

The shot sums up the passion and intensity of it all for me. During the show a bloke from Liverpool at the side of me was telling me how he couldn't even begin to describe how he feels during the closing bit of Unevensong, with
the different guitar parts overlayered, etc (this was just after they'd played it and both of us had gone slightly beserk, adding our own overlayered guitar parts!!). And that's it in a nutshell. You can't explain it, and when you try you know you sound daft, and people who are not into Camel look at you as though you're daft, too.

I sent a very long e-mail to the official Camel website straight after the gig. Vocals might have been a bit dodgy due to Andy'd cold, but for pure emotion I found the evening quite overwhelming. Many memories as I stood and
watched for that final time. The band was also in the nearby pub beforehand. They came in but were left in peace - good touch from the fans in there. I was dying to go and say 'Hello' for the first and last time, but somehow it
felt strange, and would have seemed to me to have been too intrusive.

Anyway, thanks for letting me recount a few memories. Till whenever next.


Link to Steve's Picture: The shot sums up the passion and intensity

Name: Andy Reed
Country: UK


Thanks very much for the update on the site and your recent mail. Sorry I haven't mailed earlier.

I managed to meet Andy and the rest of the band in the pub prior to the sheffield gig and managed to get all of the bands autographs (which was nice!) and a quick chat prior to them having their meal.

It was a pleasure to meet you at the Astoria gig and yes I did make the Sheffield gig which was even better than the Astoria gig. The venue was small but it didn't matter, we even had the guy shouting out for Mystic Queen again!

The Yorkshire crowd were really up for it even to the point that the band HAD to come back on for a second encore. I just had to go to what probably is the final Camel gig.

Anyway I've taken quite a few pics and I'll try and sort out a couple of decent ones to send to you.

Regards Andy Reed

Name: Martin Cressey
Country: UK

I seem to have forgot how good Camel really are.
After seeing the band play their last concert in Sheffield.(which I heard about by sheer chance).
Which was indecently an experience I will hold dear for a long time.
Anyhow,from that, I thought I'd better update my Camel collection.
I bought a NOD AND A WINK.
I don't think I have enjoyed listening to a record as much since I first heard "Larks Tongues In Aspic" Oh back in the early 70s.You know that fantastic childhood experience when you hear some thing special(do you remember that)
Definitely no post purchase cognitive dissonance here.
The problem I now have, is I cannot stop playing the thing.I have been totally sucked into the, dare I say almost spiritual/happy atmosphere that is felt.(sounds a bit hippy that eh!) sorry
I have read some of the other critical reviews on this site and ,well all I can say is listen to it some more.
It is a genuine classic record of momentous proportions.
Andy thanks very much,but I think I will have to soak myself in some Fripp or Meola just to get your bloody songs out of my head.
Well done and please tour again your not too look it but your not.Do Harrogate next time it's better than that grotty dump in Sheffield
Shane "Camel" Carlson
Country: Dubai

Hi Allan,

Hope you didn't get too pissed off with my text messages and v/msgs leading up
to the Camel Amsterdam Paradiso gig!! As you could probably tell...I was pretty

So much to tell you...

Having arrived in Amsterdam, my mate (Harry - who is Dutch) and I decided we'd
head straight to The Paradiso to see what was going on as we guessed that the
sound check was about to start! We looked thru the letterbox of the front door
and could see Andy warming up (literally as it was bleedin' freezing) while he
waited for the rest of the gang to arrive.

Soon afterwards, Colin arrived so we collared him for a brief chat and some
signatures on my Farewell Tour T-shirt and some CD's. Ten minutes later Denis
arrived...more of the same. Ton, apparently, was already inside.

A quick "pit-stop" at the Hard Rock Cafe Amsterdam - which is just round the
corner from The Paradiso and back to the front door!! We were the first in the
queue! We then met Dennis Karlsson, a Swedish Rock Journalist who came out of
The Paradiso for a breather, and struck up a conversation with him. He promised
to get us to Andy after the show as he knew Andy and was with Camel for two days
doing a feature on them for his magazine.

I also met a Brit (James) who was attending 18 of the 20 European dates! I told
him about Rajaz and said we'd be interested in him doing a Tour Diary for the
site. He liked the idea very much. I have his e-mail address so will follow this
up with him directly. Thought this would be a great post tour feature...hope you
don't mind. He's met Andy a few times during his travels this time round. I took
the opportunity to actively promote Rajaz with many other waiting fans while we
waited in the freezing cold to get inside!!

Finally the doors opened and we were in the warm...followed by a quick dash to
the front of stage to pitch our place for the evening!!!

The show started at 9pm with Lady Fantasy...I won't go thru the rest of that
nights play-list...but rest assured there was something for everyone! A terrific
show...apparently the best so far on the European leg...with an extra encore
(Lawrence) not done anywhere else on the European section of the tour. All in
all, around 2hrs 20mins without the usual customary break halfway through.

The Dutch crowd were left screaming for more...what a great venue The Paradiso
is...and what a great Camel crowd the Dutch are!!

After the show, we hooked up with Dennis again and a couple of other fans that
we'd met outside the venue earlier. Eventually we got to Andy. I said "Hi Andy
it's Shane..." and was greeted with..."I know're Shane "Camel" Carlson
from could I forget Shane!" Brillaint...I was on top of the world!!
We spent over an hour or so in the company of the guys and even met Susan Hoover
for a brief chat and photos. Unfortunately, Ton left straight after the show so
I didn't get to meet him...he was unwell and went home with his family.

I've got some great live show photos as well as some after show shots with Andy,
Colin, Denis and Susan...a truly unforgetable night tinged with a little sadness
of most probably never seeing them together live again.

On the way home I said to Harry that if I died that night...I would have died a
very happy man! It was indeed very true. I was alive with adrenalin and even
seriously considered cancelling my return flight home and staying for the rest
of the Dutch and Belgian gigs. Sadly, I had to be all grown up and return home!

Back at Harry's, even though it was after 2am, I sat in bed viewing my digital
photos and reliving the whole eventful was no good...I just couldn't

I remember waking up at 06:15am in the morning with a huge smile on my face...I
haven't stopped smiling since!!

Both Harry and I (along with the other 1,000 fans at The Paradiso) had a truly
memorable evening in the company of our musical heroes...CAMEL!!

Allan, my advice to you if you want to get to meet Andy is - be patient. They
will come out after the just need to keep your eyes and ears open to
the conversations going on around you and you may pick up where they'll be.
Probably your best chance is The Stables?

Anyway, take care and I'll send the photos over to you very soon.



Rajaz response: This guy is totally obsessed with Camel, he makes me feel like an amateur. ALL THE BEST MATE

Name: Martin Curtis
Country: UK

Hello again Allan,
I have been checking back to the site ever since the Astoria gig, to see the new images you have put on, you've done a great job, I've really enjoyed seeing the images of the band performing elsewhere on the tour. I'm hoping all went well with the recording of one of the gigs on this tour, have you heard anything as to what show was recorded etc.. I recently brought 'A Live Record' on CD, and was really pleased to find a few bonus tracks had been added,which are live recordings mostly from Rain Dances, which I had not heard before, I was really pleased to her First light, being played live, which I had not heard live , except for a glimpse on new the new DVD, my favourite though is Unevensong, which is given a different sound with Mel Collins being in the band at that time. Please let me know if you have heard anything about a possible new DVD of the Farewell Tour etc.
Thanks again for all your hard work,
Cheers !
Martin Curtis.

Rajaz response:
Sorry Martin I have heard nothing about the Farewell tour DVD yet but if you register for the e-beast at you will get any news as soon as I do.
Name: Gerrit
Country: Holland

Hi there!

Please allow me to introduce myself: I'm a man and for over 30 year a camel fan!
Full of shame I have to admit that the first time I saw CAMEL play at their farewell tour overhere in Holland, Maastricht to be more specific.
This was realy a blast from the past for me, and to be honest: I could not stay without wet eyes.....
What realy struck me was a song I never heard before. After asking Camel Productions I understand that this song is called For Today, a song I must have played when I am done with this life and went off for another...... Hopefully many years from now ofcourse!
I am very affraid to ask you this, but is it possible that you put a little piece of MP3 on your tremendeous site?

Still alive and kicking Gerrit from Holland.

Rajaz response: Hi Gerrit, there are already some MP3 demo's on the site including one of "For Today". You will find a link to them on the "Albums" page.
Name: Thomas Kovach
Country: USA

Hey Allen Caught the second show at The Bottom Line in NYC-One of the
highlights of my life!!!!!-Will send you a picture once I figure out
this computer of mine-Anyway any news on their last gig????? They simply
must have a dvd of one of the farewell tour shows-Been a big fan since
their first lp-Your web site is to be applauded -I find it to be the
best on the WEB-Thanks for keeping it updated-Must be a lot of work but
the results are much appreciated-Thanks again-Tom

Rajaz response: Hi Tom, it would be great if you could send me your pictures I do not have any yet of the US tour.

Name: Mimi "Latimer" Sánchez
Country: Mexico

Dear Allan:
Thank you again for your wonderful page!!!. Now I want to write you a simple comment about the letter "Never let go" by Shane C. and I just can say that it is very exact about the feelings of a Camel fan and it made me cry.
I hadn´t the chance to go to Europe to see them for the last time and can you imagine the way I feel??...
I had two tickets in the front line of the two nights of concert here in Mexico City, I was absolutely crazy of hapiness...but a tragedy took place as you may understand and everything was sadness...
But in the middle of this sadness it´s really nice and helpful to find people like you and all those that have written in your site.
Receive a big hug from a "camelian sister" and thank you again. To have a place like this is invaluable.

Mimi "Latimer" Sánchez

Rajaz response: Hi Mimi, sorry you could not make it to the Farewell tour I know there are many other disappointed Mexican fans as I did meet Rudolfo Vera from Mexico City in London before the Astoria concert.
Name: Gerd
Country: Cologne/Germany

Hello to all Camel Fans

whereever you are. Just wanted to say that I saw a fantstic farewell gig last night (18.10.03) in Bonn. The venue was crowded and camel made a great set.

So, who is able to see them on the farewell tour don't miss them it was a great evening last night in Bonn. Where the hell did Andrew find this dynamic powerful drummer ???

All who are looking forward to the following concerts in Holland, Belgium and England who'll see/hear a great concert.

Regards from Cologne/Germany

Rajaz response: Gerd, you were absolutely right it was not to be missed.

Name: Abdo Moudawar
Country: Spain

hi Alan
i just liked to tell you that i've been to Barcelonas camel concert and it was breathtaking . Andy seems a little bit tired , he did not play the way he used to but he was great....... all of them was great exept for sherpenzeel he was like playing on his own a lot of effects and no feelings like he don't belong to Camel. i didn't like him that's my opinion i've tooked some nice pictures of the band if u like i could send them to you

take care bye

Rajaz response: Many thanks for the pictures Abdo.

Name: Andy Reed
Country: UK

Allan & all at Camel Productions


I've just returned to the UK after visiting my Father in Torrevieja, Spain and taking in the gig at Murcia.

The venue didn't have air conditioning and by the time the gig started the sweat was just pouring off everybody.

Despite this what a FANTASTIC gig, althought the venue was about 75% full the atmosphere was brilliant. The Spaniards were shouting Maestro ....... Andy and every song was met with ecstatic applause.

The highlights for me at the show were :-

Never Let Go
and the Spaniard being asked to put his shirt back on by the security guard (what was all that about then)

Just one small favour to ask - would it be possible to schedule in Watching the Bobbins for the final part of the tour !!!!!
But all of the songs were brilliant. I'm really looking forward to the gig at the Astoria and I'm just going to look at the web-site now to go to the final gig in Sheffield.

I hope the rest of the tour is going well and I can't wait till the 28th

Best Wishes Andy Reed

Name: Ian Cartwright
Country: USA

Ians feedback from the concert held at the Trenton War Memorial building on Sunday June 29 where Camel headlined the second day of the NEARfest weekend event.

I recently saw them on their farewell tour and they simply blew me away - I
haven't felt like that about live music for many years - it was also kind of
sad. It prompted me to go an a Camel buying binge! I already own all the
original issue CD's and all CP CD's signed by Andy but have just bought
(through good ole e-bay) the special edition remasters and the Japanese mini
LP versions. I even have the privilege of previously owning the original
Greasy Truckers LP. I also just bought Moonmadness on vinyl so I can frame
the cover - great artwork - do you know anything about the artist?? Any
signed prints lying around?

I should say that the stand-in keyboard player was out of this world. I love my synths and this guy can play. Moreover the energy and passion he exuded from his playing (and he is talented make no mistake) just went through you. Frankly having seen him play it would be tough to imagine a line up without him.

Best regards, Ian

Name: Neil Meyerowitz
Country: USA

Dear Allan,
Love the website. Been a Camel fan since the first album. I was at the early show at the Bottom Line last Saturday night. After waiting close to thirty years to see Camel live, I finally had the chance. I flew up from South Florida (Fort Lauderdale) just for the show. During the set, Andy mentioned Camel's last New York gig prior to Saturday night was twenty eight years ago at the now closed Academy of Music. I grew up on Long Island and frequented the Academy on many a night. Unfortunately, I never remember Camel playing there.

As expected, the set was incredible. Andy obviously enjoys playing live. Denis Clement was amazing on drums. (I guess most Camel fans now know Denis took ill and the Atlanta and Mexico gigs have been cancelled. The band really seems to be somewhat snake bitten ). As reported in a prior e-mail, Tom Brislin did a great job on keyboards. He added some youthful exuberance and is most definitely a true talent. The crowd was very into it and cheered wildly with standing ovations after every song. Audience members shouted out thanks to Andy for coming to New York. As he left the stage, he said "Farewell New York." Hope he changes his mind.

By the way, the Farewell t-shirts are way cool (black with a logo highlighted in purple), in my opinion, the best of all the Camel t-shirts previously available. Anyway, keep up the good work. Hope to see you at a future Camel show.


Neil Meyerowitz

Name: Steve Samson
Country: USA

Hi Allan,
I just got home today from New York City. I saw Camel Saturday night at the Bottom Line in Manhattan. I stayed for both shows. It was amazing! It was also very emotional, thinking this will be the last time. I may end up heading for the West coast when they are there. Who knows !
I met many die hard Camel fans like myself. People came from all over the USA and Canada just to see them perform. The second show I sat with 4 guys that flew in from Puerto Rico just for the concert.
I could not believe how good they sounded! As usual Andy and Colin were perfection! Denis on drums definitely adds a great deal of energy to the Camel sound. But what blew me away was Tom Brislin! I cant get over how quickly he has come up to speed with all the material, in an incredibly short time.

It was obvious the band was having as much fun as we were. They were all grins! They played a few different songs during the second set. I think that may have been because the band realized there were many people who stayed for both shows.

The New York fans were a little rowdy. At one point, during the second set, between songs, a guy in the back stands up and yells " I have been waiting 30 years, Thank you for coming to New York !" Which brought down the house !

It was a great night ! Would not have missed it for anything !

Take care. STEVE

Name : Dave Pagden
Town : Cambridge
Country : Canada


Hi Allan,

Would you like the Camel set list of music played on the last tour, you may have this already.? I do not know how accurate this may be, it was taken from one of the
last concerts. There is a lot of favourites on this list including Lady Fantasy, Ice and Stationary Traveller, plus the new ones which are my favourites on ANAAW, Foxhill and For Today.

Thanks again,


Richard wrote:

>Anyone have the set list of the concert yesterday night?
According to a post on the Camelogue list it was as follows:

Lady Fantasy
Hymn To Her
Stationary Traveller
Rhayader / Rhayader Goes To Town
Lunar Sea
Another Night
Spirit of the Water
Slow Yourself Down
Fox Hill
Mother Road
For Today

First Encore:
band introductions
Never Let Go

Second Encore: (dedicated to Pete Bardens)
Homage to the Gods of Light