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Update from eBeast - 18th May 2007:

Dear Camel Fans,

At long last, our return to England is complete. As with most things, it has taken far longer than we had anticipated, but most things do it seems. It was more than worth the effort. We are both so happy to be back home.

This eBeast is more of a personal message. We would like to share some personal news with you:

Back in 1992, when Camel had well and truly returned to the forefront of their musical niche, Andrew began to display some unusual physical symptoms that necessitated a visit to the doctor. After some tests, he was diagnosed with a little-known blood disorder called Polycythaemia Vera (PV). It's rather like an upside-down leukaemia where there are too many red blood cells as opposed to too many white blood cells. For most, fortunately, PV is a slow-moving disorder and it hasn't had a tremendous impact on our daily lives. In fact, it has been quite cooperative. However, it is a progressive disorder, and has a very specific course that it runs if the patient responds well to treatment. Andrew has responded very well to all the treatments, at each stage, and seems to have been on a very 'normal' course. As time has passed, his health has gradually become less robust as it once was. Many of you know that he lost his voice on the past two tours, and a couple of shows had to be cancelled due to illness (Camel's only performance in Ireland). His immune system has to work harder than normal, and being exposed to such a demanding tour schedule with so many different environments, it has been taxed considerably. He has had to deal with more than his fair share of colds, chest and/or throat infections. Nothing terribly serious, but it's not conducive to intensive touring. Ultimately, we were forced to announce the Farewell Tour, though Andrew was already thinking about the 'Retirement Sucks' tour.

We have now come to the latter stage of PV, and a condition known as Myelofibrosis (MF) is taking its place. Once again, this isn't necessarily a fast-moving disorder. It can be for some, but Andrew is a strong-willed person and has virtually followed the medical text-book to date. I feel he will continue on this positive route. His physical symptoms have changed thought, and they're having a more direct effect on our lives than the PV symptoms. Fatigue is the most common symptom, and with the recent move, we have both been considerably more tired than usual, so it's not surprising. Andrew would be the first to tell you that he isn't exactly speedy when it comes to writing music that satisfies his heart. MF is having a direct effect on this, so he's slower than he has been in the past. But he's still thinking/writing/playing. The spirit is willing, the flesh is a little under the weather at times.

There are a couple of reasons we have elected to tell you about this. The first is, of course, that he hasn't been in the limelight of musical output of late. Rather than continue the roaring sound of silence, we wanted to let you all know why. The other reason is a bit more down to earth. You have all been much like an extended family to us, and we feel you should know. Your support, both emotional and financial, has accorded us a life of musical freedom, and we have said many times in the past that we are eternally grateful. We say it again.

That, in a nutshell, is how things are with us. We have thought that some of you may want to write to Andrew. Since he needs to conserve his energy to focus on musical pursuits and his general health, he won't be able to receive nor reply to emails. Instead, we have set up a special Guest Book where you can post words of encouragement. That way, Andrew can easily read them when he has the opportunity, and take strength from your words. Remember, just because there has been a medical diagnosis, life is not therefore cast in stone. The power of our determination is the only thing that can impress a stone.

We see this glass as more than half full, and not empty in any way. Presently, we are looking for a home to buy, where we can build a new studio and get on with the business we both love. It's easy to look at the darker side of life, but I was certainly never one to take the easy path. There are so many blessings in our lives that deserve far more acknowledgement, from the simple song of the blackbird, to the strong relationship we have shared for nearly 30 years now. One of the beautiful things about this stage of life is gaining the understanding that it's really all about the little details, things that happen in the unexpected swiftness of a breeze. They are moments that make up the true quality of our lives. Everything in life is only as significant as we make it. That is the wonder of choice, where we think we have none.

Our choice is to keep our eyes on the prize. We were given this life to live, not to stand idly by and watch what falls upon us. We are planning a new studio album and we are looking at the feasibility of some brief, mini-tours, as it were, as opposed to a 3 month odyssey of consecutive rehearsal and performance dates, with nothing but travel in between. Not only do we know that isn't good for Andrew's health, we just don't want to do it any more. Once Upon a Time, it was incredibly exciting to go from city to city, crammed on a bus, playing cards, watching the horizon change and fall behind with ever new horizons to chase. We think we'd like to stroll through it all now, taking a bit more time to savour those horizons and expand the pleasure of more intimate performances.

Life isn't easy, nor fair. No one ever said it would be. But we can take life easier, and that's the special give of life for us right now. Yesterday, 17th May, was Andrew's birthday. For me, it was the best day that ever happened in the Universe.

With our fondest regards to each and everyone of you,

Susan Hoover

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Update from eBeast - 22nd October 2006:

Postcard from Andy
Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to send you a card to tell you I'm now permanently back in England and really chuffed to be back home. I've had lots of reuninons with good friends, and am particularly enjoying catching up on old times.

It won't be long now, before my studio is set up again and I can return to the joy of recording.

I'm told that our website and shop will be back in business before xmas, and that we'll have the 1984 concert, Total Pressure, on DVD. Blimey! Was I ever that young?

Hope this message finds you all well. Must dash. It's time to feed the camels.

Andy Lat

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Update from eBeast - 13th May 2006:

The Nature of the eBeast May 2006

Hello Camel Trackers

Spring of 2006 has seen a great deal of unexpected activity behind the scenes. Earlier this spring, Andrew Latimer was approached by Andy Fairweather Low and asked if he would be interested in joining Roger Waters on his forthcoming tour. It seems that Roger is touring this summer, and will be performing the whole of Dark Side of the Moon during the second half of the concert. Roger needed a guitarist who could play, and sing, like David Gilmour.
As Andrew is always interested in new challenges, and especially such an interesting one, he presented Roger with the appropriate material and then met with the band for a rehearsal. As there was no question about his playing ability, his vocal ability was all that needed proving. Although their voices are very similar in many aspects, Gilmour sings fully one and a half tones above Latimer's range and this put a fierce strain on his vocal chords. On recent Camel tours, Andrew has encountered difficulties with singing due to the general pressure he was under. Realising his voice wouldn't manage an entire tour, Andrew and Roger "had a good ol' chin wag" about the feasibility of his doing it, and agreed it was too risky. Thus the guitarist appearing on the Roger Waters tour will be Dave Kilminster.

Of course we at CP were just a tad disappointed, but Andrew so enjoyed the experience, the excitement was palpable. Hearing his reports that Roger was a "gracious and really nice bloke" made the experience that much more memorable for all of us. Roger has invited Andrew and Susan to the London and Shoreline performances, so if you're up for a great concert you just might see them there. We're all certainly going to a show (check out for info). All at CP wish Roger, and his band, a successful tour. And, of course, you never know what the future may hold. Afterall, who would have thought Andrew might one day be on stage playing Pink Floyd?!

As you can imagine, this flurry of activity disrupted CP. Andrew likes to personally autograph the DVDs whenever possible, and does so when he comes back to the USA. Dividing their time between the US and the UK has meant unpredictable schedules for both Andrew and Susan, but we are now able to tell you that Total Pressure will soon be in production. It really is a great pleasure to bring this project to fruition, since it is no longer available on VHS.
Here are the details of this long-awaited, release:

Total Pressure is the entire concert recorded at Hammersmith Odeon in 1984, and is presented in wide screen format and without added story visuals to interrupt the flow of the concert.
For unknown reasons, PolyGram reportedly erased the original master tapes of Camel's 1984 concert two years after recording. That master contained four tracks that were not included on the Pressure Points video/DVD. A safety copy had been made during post-production, however the sound is not of the same quality as the originally released Pressure Points. Therefore, CP has decided to present these four "lost tracks" as added material.

Also offered as bonus material is the brief interview with Andrew Latimer that had formed a portion of the Mirror Image program, which aired on UK television in 1985. Once again, the master tape was erased, and a production copy is all that remains. While not of the best quality, it is nonetheless part of Camel's history, and Camel Productions has had many requests for this short interview to be released. There won't be a better time to do so. Total Pressure is the perfect outlet for offering this rare footage, making it, at long last, truly total:

Pressure Points
Stationary Traveller
West Berlin
Cloak and Dagger Man
Long Goodbyes
Rhayader Goes to Town
Lady Fantasy

La Princess Perdue
Never Let Go
Hymn to Her

A brief interview with Andrew Latimer for Mirror Image, originally aired in the UK in 1985.

Due to the many requests we've received, CP will again take PREORDERS for t-shirts when we accept them for the Total Pressure DVD. Don't forget that your card will be charged immediately, but your shirt and/or DVD will not ship until our preorder limit is met. Also, we ship all orders at once, so when stock is in, your order will go out in the sequence it was received.
Preordering has been very successful at CP, chiefly because we don't offer anything until we are well into production and have a very clear idea of delivery dates. As soon as we're ready, we'll let you know.

Cheers from The Merchanteers
Paris, Emma, and Harry.

Just like to add my warm wishes to you all as I've been absent for a while. The writing of a new project is progressing well, but as you have heard there's been a few distractions. Hearing from Andy Fairweather and consequently meeting Roger was an extremely enjoyable experience. It all happened very quickly and before I knew what was happening I was playing "Comfortably Numb" at full blast somewhere in London. The band sounded great, and then...Roger asked me to belt out "Breathe". Singing softly, I could manage it, but needing to belt it out was a whole other story. I did a fairly croaky rendition (Tom Waits would have been envious) but the cruncher was "Wish you were here". Roger, forever the quintessential Englishman, smiled and said "bit high for you?" We talked for quite awhile. What a nice chap he is, very easy to talk to. I felt like I'd known him for ages. The rest of the band were equally friendly, especially Andy F. and Snowy White -- great blokes. So, all in all a great journey, most enjoyable. Dave Kilminster got the gig and although I don't know much about him, I am sure Roger made a good choice. I wish them well and look forward to attending a show.
Even though we have been a little quiet for some time, focusing on moving, you are still very much in our thoughts. So thanks again for your never ending support. We'll be back soon.

My best wishes,

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Update from eBeast - 30th December 2005:


Greetings Camel Trackers,

This will be the last of CP's 2005 eBeast newsletters. We're all enjoying a short break now and we'll be back on 3rd January, when Highly Collectable's merchant shop will reopen.

But before this year's end, Emma, Harry, Sean and I wanted to send everybody our very personal wish of peace and goodwill.

We also want to let you know what's in the pipeline. CP is working on obtaining the necessary licenses to release 1976 and 1977 live recordings as a whole. As soon as the agreement and the licensing fees are sorted, and manufacturing is underway, we'll open for our preorders. We'll let you know when we're ready.
CP is also giving every effort to releasing, on DVD, Total Pressure, the full concert recorded at London's Hammersmith Odeon, portions of which are contained on Pressure Points. Previously released on VHS, Total Pressure was, for a time, out of print. CP once again has the rights to release this great concert, including the unreleased tracks that were allegedly erased by PolyGram shortly after Pressure Points had been released. We continue to say allegedly because we live in hope that, one day, these tracks will be discovered in some attic or basement in a London borough. It still seems unbelievable that the tracks were erased, but that is what PolyGram informed the band back in 1985 and they have yet to be found. It's pure luck that the band had copies. And if you're wondering why the tracks weren't included originally, it was because Decca and PolyGram thought the footage was too dark. While darker than the rest (stage lighting was brightened during the show), it is still superb footage of some great tracks. Total Pressure is the entire concert and doesn't have the extra visuals included on Pressure Points.

More details to follow in the New Year.

CP has linked with to enable fans to purchase, via one-click, much of Camel's back catalogue and, the band will earn a little money from each sale. CP emphasizes 'a little money', as that's not the object. All recordings prior to 1991 (Dust and Dreams) are owned by Decca Records/Universal Records (the one exception being the first Camel album on MCA which is also owned by Universal now), and can't be offered directly by CP without a license agreement. With so many titles, this isn't possible, so CP is pleased to be able to offer the next best thing: a reliable source for purchase.
You can't combine any purchases at Highly Collectable's shop with purchases at Amazon. Any order you place through is filled and shipped by Once you order from them, you'll be dealing directly with them. Of course, we hope you'll do the majority of your shopping with us before you click through to Amazon to get those titles CP is unable to offer. For a list of titles offered at Amazon click here.

That's it from The Merchanteers. Thanks to you all for allowing us to keep our jobs. We're looking forward to seeing you next year.

Paris, Emma, Harry and Sean.

As many of you know, there is a track on Harbour of Tears titled The Hour Candle. Andrew wrote this track shortly after the death of his father, Stan Latimer, in 1993. He called it The Hour Candle because we lit a small candle, in his memory, which burned for almost an hour. During the hour, we would sit with the candlelight and reminisce the good -- and not so good -- times that all families have. We would cry. We would laugh. Sitting with a little flame for this little hour gave us both enormous comfort. It seemed to bring Stan into the room with us, as if he were visiting. When the flame went out, always by itself, for we never blow out an Hour Candle, we would watch the smoke trail upwards, swirling as it dissipated. The hour always went quickly by, but we felt we could bring him back to us by lighting another candle.
As these 12 years have passed, we have maintained this tradition, expanding it to lighting a candle not just for those who had passed away, but for anyone whom we thought needed comfort, including ourselves. During 2005, we burned many Hour Candles. Somehow, it has seemed a long year, with disasters on colossal scales. When, last year, I wrote of our personal experience of having family in the Tsunami zone, I could have no idea of the natural disasters our world was yet to face. With each catastrophe, we personally became more aware of our good fortunes, our blessings.

Andrew and I have our own challenges to face each day, as many do. I know that ours paled in comparison to the events of 2005. We contributed financially, but it felt inadequate. Ultimately, I chose to take a path that led me to New Orleans, where I volunteered on the Animal Rescue team. It was a recent trip, so I did not deal with the horrors of earlier days. But I was still quite overwhelmed by the tremendous need. I quickly found that I would not only meet animals in need. In the unimaginable devastation of the Lower 9th Ward, where the animals have a basic need to be fed because their humans will not likely return again, I also met humans with a very basic need: someone to listen. They had stories to tell, but among the ruins that surrounded them, there was no one to listen. In the Lower 9th Ward, I found a great and unexpected reward, simply for the taking. I listened. Sometimes for a few minutes; sometimes much longer. I found qualities in these people that made me think much kinder of our species. They taught me a different perspective on respect, and acceptance. And they taught me a very different perspective on need. No one, during the entire time I was there, ever asked me for a thing. But many, many people thanked me, for no obvious reason. I wanted to thank them, but it seemed so inappropriate. Instead, I listened. I shook hands. I said, 'Take care'. Thankfully, what is often a throwaway platitude was taken from the heart. I have never experienced such warmth and tenderness from the touch of a human I knew I would never see again, yet never forget. I think they gave me far more than I gave them.

So this year, when we light our Hour Candle at midnight, we truly hope you will light yours. If it can't be at midnight, light it whenever you can sit with that tiny light, for just an hour, to reflect on those we've known & loved, those we do love, and the many good fortunes of our lives--those blessings we all have but somehow overlook when the tougher aspects of life get over our heads. Light a flame for the sake of it. For the sake of just listening to any heart that has something to say, even if it's merely the sound of your own heart beating. That is absolutely worth listening to.

We wish you all good health, happiness and, as always, peace in your life.

Susan Hoover

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Update from eBeast - 14th December 2005:

December 2005
Greetings Camel Trackers!

Just a quick reminder from The Merchanteers that Highly Collectable's Merchant Shop will close for a holiday break as of 22nd December 2005. Until then, The Merchanteers are happily packing presents.

Thanks to our wonderful new shop and system, CP will not close for such a lengthy period of time this season. We'll reopen on 2nd January 2006, in case anyone is in need of a belated gift. But if you get your orders in now, you won't be caught short.

We'll have more news just before we close.

Cheers from The Merchanteers,
Paris, Harry, Emma and Sean

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Update from eBeast - 13th October 2005:

October 2005
CAMEL FOOTAGE II now shipping!
-- NOW AVAILABLE - click on the image to order now
-- T-SHIRTS IN STOCK - click on image to order

Camel Trackers...

As soon as the ink is dry on Andrew Latimer's personal autograph, the Merchanteers are stuffing, packing, taping and shipping the new Camel Footage II DVD.

NOW AVAILABLE - click on the image to order now
It won't be in the shops for another week! For CAMEL FOOTAGE II details and track listing, click on the image.

T-SHIRTS IN STOCK - click on image to order
As well as our new Rain Dances re-issue shirt, Moonmadness t-shirts are in stock. Both are selling very well, so don't miss out. Once stock is depleted, CP will again accept only preorders, so delays are possible.

It's back to work and...
Cheers from The Merchanteers
Paris, Harry, Emma and Sean

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Update from eBeast - 26th September 2005:

The Nature of the eBeast September 2005
-- NOSTALIGIA RULES: Rain Dances T-Shirts


Highly Collectable’s Merchant shop is now accepting preorders for Camel Footage II.


Click on the image, and you will be cordially transported to our order chamber.
In case you didn’t receive our last eBeast newsletter, here are the details:

Aristillus – (Intro)
Arubaluba – (Guildford Civic Hall, 1973)
White Rider – (Hammersmith Odeon, 1976)
Another Night - (Hammersmith Odeon, 1976)
Rhayader – (Sight and Sound at The Hippodrome, 1977)
Rhayader Goes To Town -(Sight & Sound The Hippodrome 1977)
Skylines - (Sight and Sound at The Hippodrome, 1977)
Highways Of The Sun - (Sight & Sound, The Hippodrome, 1977)
Never Let Go - (Sight and Sound at The Hippodrome, 1977)
Lies – (The Old Grey Whistle Test, 1981)
Drafted - (Hammersmith Odeon, 1984)
Slow Yourself Down – (The Troubadour, Los Angeles, 2000)
Eyes Of Ireland - (The Troubadour, Los Angeles, 2000)
Fox Hill – (The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, 2003)
The Last Farewell – (Outro)
Running time: Approximately 80 mins.
Official release date: 10th October 2005
Price: $20

Remember, there are NO REGIONAL RESTRICTIONS. This means you can play it on any player that accepts NTSC in conjunction with a television that accepts the NTSC signal. Check with the shop or manufacturer of your equipment if you’re not sure.

NOSTALIGIA RULES: Rain Dances T-Shirts
As the Moonmadness shirt has been such a success, CP has decided to offer the 1977 Rain Dances shirt for a touch of nostalgia. Faithfully reproduced from the original, the shirt is dark blue with white print.

CP is testing the waters to see if a size medium will be successful, so be aware that size medium may be a limited offer. It will remain on offer only if it proves successful.

All shirts (except for tour tees) are now available for preordering. If you’re thinking of buying t-shirts as Xmas presents, please don’t leave it too long as stock may not be readily available.
DON'T FORGET-- preordering means your order will not go out until stock is fully available. You will be in the queue to get the first copies or shirts that come in. We will not ship anything separately, either. If you order an in-stock item along with a preorder item, it will not ship before all items are in stock. CP anticipates shipping within the next 2-3 weeks.

And yes, Andrew Latimer will autograph the new DVD.

Cheers from The Merchanteers,
Paris, Emma, Harry & Sean

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Update from eBeast - 15th September 2005:

The Nature of the eBeast September 2005
CAMEL FOOTAGE II -- coming soon!
-- From Camel Productions

Greetings Camel Trackers,

Camel Footage II is now in manufacturing. Here is the track listing:

Aristillus (Intro)
Arubaluba (Guildford Civic Hall, 1973)
White Rider (Hammersmith Odeon, 1976)
Another Night (Hammersmith Odeon, 1976)
Rhayader (Sight and Sound at The Hippodrome, 1977)
Rhayader Goes To Town (Sight & Sound The Hippodrome 1977)
Skylines (Sight and Sound at The Hippodrome, 1977)
Highways Of The Sun (Sight & Sound, The Hippodrome, 1977)
Never Let Go (Sight and Sound at The Hippodrome, 1977)
Lies (The Old Grey Whistle Test, 1981)
Drafted (Hammersmith Odeon, 1984)
Slow Yourself Down (Acoustic version at The Troubadour, Los Angeles, 2000)
Eyes Of Ireland (Acoustic version at The Troubadour, Los Angeles, 2000)
Fox Hill (The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, 2003)
The Last Farewell (Outro)

Running time: 80 mins
Official release date: 10th October 2005
Price $25

Remember, there are NO REGIONAL RESTRICTIONS. This means you can play it on any player that accepts NTSC in conjunction with a television that accepts the NTSC signal. Check with the shop where you purchased your equipment, or the manufacturer if you’re uncertain.

CP will soon begin accepting preorders. This brief missive is to provide the promised details concerning the track listing and anticipated release date. As soon as CP is open for preorders, you’ll hear from us again.

Cheers from The Merchanteers,
Paris, Emma, Harry & Sean

From Camel Productions

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Update from eBeast - 16th August 2005:

The Nature of the eBeast August 05

Greetings Camel Trackers,

Highly Collectable's Merchant Shop is likely to stay put for the time being.
The Merchanteers have hatched an idea to make things a bit easier for Andrew Latimer and Susan Hoover as they enter the next phase of moving continents. Actually, it was Harry's suggestion (the idea of his retirement has already lost its appeal) to keep Camel's shop going here in the USA until everything is in place in the UK, which may yet be a considerable period of time.

Andrew and Susan must not only find a new home, but also new business premises, a new internet shop site, new merchant provider and new payment gateway processor. Our memories of the extraordinary length of time it took to revamp our shop page and get it functioning properly (more than 8 months, and the whole time the shop was closed!), brought us to this simple solution.

So Highly Collectable's Shop will remain as is for an indefinite period, and that means CP can now restock merchandise, and we can offer some new goodies, too...

The legal processes are reaching a conclusion and soon, CP's Camel Footage II DVD will be available. The entire track listing can't be released until the licenses are all sorted out but it will be every bit as collectable as Footage I, with approximately 80 mins. of recorded performances throughout the band's career, including some never-before-seen clips.
Confirmed tracks are: Another Night (recorded at London's Hammersmith Odeon in 1976), Skylines (BBC Sight & Sound, 1977) and an acoustic version of Slow Yourself Down (recorded at the Troubadour in 2000).

To avoid any disappointments regarding delivery time, we'll open for pre-orders as soon as everything is in the final stages of manufacturing. An estimated time- frame is about 4-6 weeks -- plenty of time for the holiday season.

Because CP still needs to keep stock at a manageable level, we have decided to take preorders for t-shirts. This means your credit card will be charged at the time you order, as usual, but the orders will be a little behind in delivery as we won't have them silk- screened until we have a reliable order quantity. CP thinks it will only mean a couple of weeks delay. We've had so many queries about shirts, we feel this is the best way to supply the demand without trying to second-guess it.
Given the popular demand for a t-shirt in a 'medium' size, as well as our usual large, x-large, and xx-large, we will offer a shirts in 'medium'. The preorder process will help CP to understand the true demand for the different sizes. As soon as we're ready to accept preorders for t-shirts and Camel Footage II, we'll send out an eBeast.

A few folks have asked about the status of the Farewell Tour audio and video recordings. You may have guessed by now that the seemingly perpetual curse on the band for easy live recording success has continued to thrive. As this eBeast goes to 'press', we still have no promising news to proffer, but we haven't given up yet. If and when we have good news, you'll be the first to know.
For now, CP looks forward to Footage II and some new goodies to offer. We're all keen to get back to the Camel Shop and roll up our sleeves.

Cheers from The Merchanteers,

Paris, Harry, Emma and Sean

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Update from eBeast - 27th April 2005:

The Nature of the eBeast April 2005
-- Homeward Bound
-- In The Meantime
-- Does Retirement Suck?


At last, a quiet moment to sit down and organise some thoughts to send your way.

Homeward Bound
My thanks to all who sent their good wishes for our move back to the UK. It is a big decision, and an even bigger process, so your words of encouragement have been much appreciated. It's a process that will take time to be completed, though. Moving house is one thing. Moving continents is a whole other way of changing the roof over your head. It's exciting and, at times, a bit daunting. But since there's no rush, we'll take it as it comes.
I am very much looking forward to returning to England but that does not mean I haven't enjoyed my time here in America. I will always look back on our life here with great fondness. After all, this is where Camel Productions was 'born'.

In The Meantime
Because such a move is an unpredictable change, we are continuing to work on projects for the future. Right now, we have Camel Footage II steadily working its way through the legal process and is soon to enter the editing stages. I'm not sure when that will be scheduled for release, but Paris and Emma will be sure to let you know in a Camel newsletter.
I'm writing material for a new Camel album as often as time will permit. I prefer to settle in to a definite period for writing, so I don't get distracted, but that's quite difficult right now, with the move to the UK being a rather large distraction. Still, I grab the moment when I can.

I'm also still looking forward to completing the Brew project after I get settled in England. Although Doug's demanding work schedule and Andy's delicate health pose scheduling problems, and may prevent us from ever undertaking anything particularly ambitious, I so enjoyed seeing them again, and am very much looking forward to finishing our project. Also, Ton Scherpenzeel and I have been in close contact since the Farewell Tour, and we've been cooking up some ideas, too. The great thing about being a bit older, a bit wiser (and perhaps a bit sillier, yes), is that we are all more aware of how important it is to have fun making music.

Andy & Doug

Andy, Doug & Andrew

Doing a wave

Does Retirement Suck?
One special reason I am excited about going home is that we feel there could be a chance to tour again. It would be in small bursts, as opposed to a full- blown, 2 or 3 month tour, but some touring is better than no touring. We just might make it back to America, too. We all felt badly about having to cancel our last show in America, due to Denis Clement's heart ailment (Denis is doing great now). And, with a bit of luck, we might be able to return to Mexico to perform the show that was lost due to the promoter's inability to meet the financial deadlines, forcing us to abandon that part of the tour at the '11th hour'. There has been talk of working with a new promoter, under better circumstances. Of course, this is only talk, but that is how things get started.
While I have made many good friends here in the USA, there really is no place like home. Shame I can't take the weather with me, but it just goes to show that what resides in your soul is the the driving force.

Paris will keep you up to date with Camel news. Here's hoping we have a chance to meet again on the 'Retirement Sucks' tour.

My thanks and very fond regards to you all,
Andy Latimer

(Camel thank Juan Joy for his wonderful photos of the band and Andrew Latimer, taken during the 2003 Farewell Tour, at NEARfest)

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Update from eBeast - 26th February 2005:

The Nature of the eBeast
February 2005
-- The eBeast Mailing List
-- CP On The Move
-- Fate Of The Merchanteers

Camel Trackers,

A message from The Merchanteers... CP is open for business!

This message contains some important, general CP information. A more detailed newsletter, with news of Camel and the future, will be forthcoming.

The eBeast Mailing List
CP is now able to send out newsletters in a much more direct and personal way than we'd done before. This means each person who registers for the eBeast is the only person who can edit or delete their email address. If you look at the bottom of this message, you will see links for Update Profile/Email Address and SafeUnsubscribe. These links are subscriber-specific, meaning that when you click on any of those links, it is your address, and only your address, that can be viewed, changed or deleted.
We make a special request that you use only one email address to receive the eBeast. CP pays a very dear premium for the software, and if our list rises above a certain level, the cost rises dramatically. If you would take a moment to make sure that you have only one address registered, and to delete any others you may have, CP would be most grateful.

You can copy these links and keep them safe for future use, when you need to make changes. A please remember to permit the eBeast beyond the Spam gates! CP will be deleting all bounced emails and we don't want to lose you.

CP On The Move
The pending move to the UK is slowly getting underway. There is much to accomplish before the physical move takes place and, while the location of CP does not really effect anyone directly, it does effect the level of our stock. We must keep it deliberately low so our apparel section is a little thin just now.
CDs and DVDs are in constant supply and Harry is in fine fettle for packing and shipping. Orders are going out quickly now, and delivery times seem to be quite good.

Fate Of The Merchanteers
We've had a number of messages asking how we feel about the relocation of CP. As it happens, I, Emma and Sean are able to continue to with with CP, commuting on the internet highway. Harry, alas, will retire. Harry will be sorely missed but he tells us he was ready to hang up his packing hat, and promises to stay in touch.
I know I can speak for all of us when I say that we've had a most unique experience in working with CP. We've had many laughs, shed a few tears, and survived some unexpected frustrations, but it has absolutely been a privilege for me to work with each of them. They have, on many occasions, kept me sane and reminded me that humour is a human's greatest asset.

So thank you for your kind words and thoughts. Andrew Latimer and Susan Hoover will send their own newsletter soon, so please be sure you've entered CP in your address books.

Cheers to all from The Merchanteers,

Paris, Emma, Sean, and Harry, too.

Camel Productions

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Update from eBeast - 7th December 2004:


A brief holiday update...

MOONMADNESS T-SHIRTS: Due to unexpectedly high demand -- and because it's the holiday season -- we have restocked the Moonmadness t-shirt in sizes Large and X-large. Once again, supply is limited and we will definitely not restock before next year so don't be left out and order now.

LITTLE GEMS: We also have some little gems we've found in the attic -- Japanese pressings from our Japanese record company. This is extremely limited stock, as CP was only allocated a small number.
Until stock runs out, you can order the following compact discs:

A Nod and a Wink (with bonus track "After All These Years)
Camel on the Road 1972
Gods of Light
Never Let Go
Coming of Age
Harbour of Tears

All can be found on our site in the SPECIALS and the MISC. sections. The prices for these cds will be no different from normal stock. The copies have Japanese liner notes and are sealed in shrink wrap, so
they can't be autographed, but it is our understanding that these copies are now out of print. It is Highly Unlikely they will be pressed in Japan again. One they're gone... they're gone.

CP's attic also rendered some copies of Dust and Dreams on cassette. This is a super bargain at $5 each.

CHANGES: For some time, now, we have hinted about upcoming changes at CP. Although a definite date hasn't been set, Andrew Latimer and Susan Hoover have decided to return to England. As Camel Productions is such an intimately run company, CP will make this change also, and CP USA will shut down. This is the primary reason our stock has been kept so low.

For our shop, this means that all items will ship from the UK, once the changeover is made, and it also means that prices will no longer be in US dollars. Currency will change to Euro. But for now,
everything is still in US dollars, so with the weak state of the US currency, non-US fans can take advantage of getting more for their money and US fans can take advantage of no price or currency change,
and the lower postal rates.

Andrew Latimer and Susan Hoover will send out a personal message, before CP shuts down for the season. Happy hols to all from The Merchanteers,
Paris, Harry, Emma and Sean

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Update from eBeast - 19th November 2004:

Fellow Trackers,

NEW CAMEL DVD: Highly Collectable's Merchant shop will now accept pre orders for the new DVD 'CAMEL FOOTAGE'. Visit our shop for the details on this vintage footage DVD.

We had expected to release the DVD last week, but news came from the plant that a slight audio 'glitch' had been discovered on one of the older recordings. Upon close examination, we all agreed there is,
indeed, a glitch in the sound for a few seconds. Unfortunately, upon checking the master tape supplied by the BBC, the audio glitch is there as well. No one can say why or if it was there all along and just not noticed. But the fact is that these tapes are nearly 30 years old. It's impossible to know when, where or how this happened. We at CP are grateful to have them at all.

So if you feel that an audio imperfection lasting a few seconds would spoil your enjoyment of this rare, historical footage, please think twice before purchasing. CP will not be granting refunds nor replacing any DVDs with this flaw. All copies will be the same.

FORMATS: All DVDs released from CP are available only in NTSC. Most DVD players in Europe will accept the NTSC signal, providing the television can accept it also. Be sure that your DVD player AND your television or monitor are compatible with this format. Check with the shop or the manufacturer of your equipment if you are uncertain.

AUTOGRAPHS: Andrew Latimer will be signing all copies ordered through our web site (autographed copies will not be available through any other source).

MERCHANDISE: We are also restocked with Dust and Dreams and Moonmadness t-shirts in all sizes but they are in extremely limited quantities. CP will undergo some exciting, but major, changes again
in this coming new year, so stock levels are being deliberately kept low. Highly's new shop has a very useful stock feature, so if the items are sold out, they can't be added to your cart.

ORDER FULFILLMENTS: All orders are first-come, first-served. With the new shop system, you have an order number and your order is filled in that sequence. We anticipate that the majority of orders
will contain at least one copy of the new DVD, so, until CAMEL FOOTAGE is here at the warehouse, we will not be shipping any orders. We anticipate the DVD to be in stock on the 22nd November and on that day, we'll all be working overtime.

HOWEVER, if you choose to mail in your order, your order number has no bearing. We are able to collect the mail only twice a week, so until your order is received, it is not guaranteed. You may find
that one or more of the items you order are out of stock by the time your check or money order reaches us. CP can't hold back orders while waiting for a check to arrive. If you pay online with a credit
card, or by fax with a credit card, your order is guaranteed as far as is possible, with exceptions for unexpected, defective goods (such as a torn shirt) discovered just prior to shipping.

SHIP DATES: To maximize everyone's time, we won't be shipping any orders before the DVD arrives on 22nd NOVEMBER.

CANADIAN CUSTOMS: We have had reports that certain customs facilities in Canada have closed down which has dramatically slowed shipments to Canada. This is beyond our control, completely. We
have no definite information concerning delivery times. We only know that it's taking much longer than usual. If you live in Canada, please order as early as possible.

As usual, we will close down from 15th December - 15th February so it's going to be a fast and furious holiday season for CP!

Cheers from the Merchanteers,
Paris, Emma, Harry & Sean

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Update from eBeast - 1st November 2004:

Greetings Camel Trackers,

As 2004 winds down, CP is winding up with some new goodies...

But first, a bit of news:

FAREWELL TOUR RECORDINGS: The live DVD and CD from the Farewell Tour are, as you may have noticed, on hold. As always, the recordings pose some interesting hallenges for Andrew Latimer in the studio. Little Barn studios will be undergoing some major changes in the not too distant future, and Andrew has elected to wait until his new setup is finalised, before proceeding with the mixing and mastering of the recordings.

BREW ALBUM: This, too, has been put on hold temporarily. The time the trio spent together wasn't quite enough to finish off the intended album, and they are looking forward to additional recording sessions in 2005, which is really just 'round the corner. Andrew told us that two weeks just wasn't enough time and he's looking forward to having the luxury of more time with Doug Ferguson and Andy Ward, which, he tells us, is very possible in the new year.

NEW STUDIO ALBUM: Since the live recordings have been put on hold, Andrew has returned to writing and a new studio album is starting to take shape. Although he could not give us definite release dates for any of the intended projects, CP feels certain that we'll have a new studio album in the not too distant future.

MERCHANDISE: We will soon have sizes L and XL Moonmadness t-shirts back in stock along with size XL Dust and Dreams t-shirts. These shirts will be in LIMITED SUPPLY, so if you want one, please do not hesitate. As mentioned in our previous eBeast newsletter, we will NOT restock any tour t-shirts. The Farewell Tour shirts are in very short supply but CP found a few left over from the Euro tour, so those shirts will be mailed from the UK if you order one. Again, please do not hesitate if you want one.

NEW DVD: CP is excited to announce the pending release of "Camel Footage". Containing vintage 70's footage from The Old Grey Whistle Test, Sight and Sound, and Mirror Image to never-before-seen amateur footage shot during the 1992 tour and previously unreleased footage from 1997. This is a gem of audio visual material that Camel fans
have been begging for these past 10 years.

ADDED BONUS: Unreleased material recorded during the reunion of Latimer, Ward and Ferguson, entitled "Left Luggage".

Camel Footage features performances from Andrew Latimer, Peter Bardens, Andy Ward, Doug Ferguson, Richard Sinclair, Mel Collins, Colin Bass, Jan Schelhaas, Kit Watkins, Chris Rainbow, Ton Scherpenzeel, Richie Close, Paul Burgess, Mickey Simmonds, Dave Stewart, and Foss Patterson.

RUN TIME: Approx 80 mins.

1973 - Guildford Civic Hall
Track: Never Let Go
Musicians: Latimer, Bardens, Ferguson and Ward

1975 - BBC Old Grey Whistle Test, in BBC studios
Tracks: The Snow Goose, Friendship, Rhayader Goes To Town
Musicians: Latimer, Bardens, Ferguson and Ward

1977 - BBC Sight and Sound at the Hippodrome
Tracks: First Light, Metrognome, Unevensong, Lunar Sea, Rain Dances
Musicians: Latimer, Bardens, Ward, Sinclair and Collins

1981 - Shepperton Studios, Michael Appleton for Old Grey Whistle Test
Track: City Life
Musicians: Latimer, Ward, Bass, Watkins and Schelhaas

1984 - Hammersmith Odeon, London; Mike Mansfield for Mirror Image
Track: Captured
Musicians: Latimer, Bass, Burgess, Rainbow, Scherpenzeel

1992 - Town & Country, London - Amateur Footage of low quality but a great gig
Tracks: Hopeless Anger, Whispers in the Rain
Musicians: Latimer, Bass, Simmonds and Burgess

1997 - Billboad Live, Los Angeles - David Minasian; previously
unreleased footage.
Tracks: Preparation, Dunkirk
Musicians: Latimer, Bass, Patterson and Stewart

BONUS TRACK: Left Luggage
Recorded at Little Barn Studios, California
Musicians: Latimer, Ward and Ferguson

As soon as we know when to expect the DVDs from the manufacturing
plant, we'll open the shop for preorders. Andrew Latimer will
definitely be around during the holiday season to autograph DVDs and

Don't forget, 'Left Luggage' is still available as a download on our
site. There are a few fun photos from Doug Ferguson and Andy Ward's
visit, too:

More news soon!

Cheers from the Merchanteers,
Paris, Harry, Emma and Sean

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Update from eBeast - 18th August 2004:


A general missive to bring you up to date on Highly Collectable's Merchant shop...

RE MASTERED: Stationary Traveller is stocked and ready to go!

Please visit Highly Collectable's Merchant Shop and collect your treasure now.

Andrew Latimer is back in town and will be autographing copies.

CREDIT CARD PROCESSING: If you had difficulty ordering from the new shop and received an error message that the bank could not verify your card details, please try again. Our webmaster found the problem and we believe it's now fixed. Our apologies for any inconvenience.

Please take extra care when entering your credit card details. If you get an error message from the shop, please re enter your credit card number, making sure that all numbers are correctly entered, as well as the expiration date and the CVV code number.

DVD: The first draft of the upcoming DVD 'Camel Footage' is now being perused by Andrew Latimer. Usually it takes two or three attempts before the look and feel is right, so we still don't have a definitive release date but we're sure it will be before xmas.

T-SHIRTS: We will be restocking some of our apparel section over the next few weeks, so don't worry that you won't have some goodies to satisfy your xmas list. It's hard to think of xmas in the middle of
July, but the shops and manufacturers work a full 90 days ahead of every year, so CP must follow suit.We will not be restocking any tour t-shirts.

All for now,

Very best wishes from The Merchanteers --
Paris, Harry, Emma and Sean

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Update from eBeast - 28th July 2004:


HIGHLY COLLECTABLE'S MERCHANT SHOP is open for business! Browse the Bazaar (and sometimes Bizarre). Select your treasures and, if you create your own Personal Camel Account (PCA), you can safely store your details and order history in our vaults. You can return again and again, without ever needing to re enter all the data.

Some of the items in Highly's shop are available only in limited supply and will not reappear once all are sold. We are especially low on tour t-shirts. They are on a first-come, first-served basis.

For shipping, you are able to find out your shipping charges without entering any personal details. After you've selected your treasures, scroll down the page a bit and you'll find two fields. Either use the zip code field or the country field and you can find out how much the shipping charges are estimated to be.

As this is a new system for us, Harry, Emma, Sean and I ask your patience. Everyone has worked long and hard on setting this shop up -- a full nine months since we actually started. So the opening of Highly's shop is truly a birth to celebrate! We're bound to have some hiccups, so please bear with us.

BREW DOWNLOAD: As a little gift of thanks for your patience during our long down time, Andrew Latimer has put up a download of a jam from the Brew session, called "Left Luggage". We asked Andrew why such a strange title and he replied:

"When we all got together, we had a load of old baggage from years past. By the end of the session, we'd left it all behind so I thought I'd call this little jam 'Left Luggage'. We had a great fun with it".

We've included a bit of fun graphic work from Debbie Dyke and a few snapshots taken while Doug, Andy and Andrew took a few moments to relax and enjoy themselves:

STATIONARY TRAVELLER REMASTER: A little surprise on the horizon is a remastering of Camel' 1984 album. Originally, Stationary Traveller was meant to begin with a track called "In the Arms of Waltzing Frauleins" but the record company had their doubts and so, back into the studio went Andrew for a marathon writing, recording, mixing &
mastering session which produced 'Pressure Points'. The record company edited the first few minutes to open the album and later released the entire track on a 10" single (on vinyl). At long last, the album begins as was intended, but now includes the BONUS TRACK of the full-length 'Pressure Points'. We anticipate release date around the 1st of August but,of course, we'll let you know in an eBeast update.

DVD: So many queries about the DVD from the tour and still no definitive answers. In the meantime, by popular demand, Andrew Latimer is putting together a DVD called 'Camel Footage' which will contain the full length performances of many of the archival material found on Curriculum Vitae. Such things take time for licenses to be cleared but we are looking for a pre-xmas release, with an eye towards October. Stay tuned.

Best wishes to all from Highly's Merchanteers,
Paris, Harry, Emma and Sean

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Update from eBeast - 21st June 2004:

Hello Everyone,

I know it has been a long time since we've had substantial Camel news. For this missive, both Andrew and I have elected to write to you. Paris, Harry and Emma are all enjoying a bit of well-earned, time off.

HIGHLY COLLECTABLE'S MERCHANT SHOP: We have nearly reached the end of our unexpectedly long journey into eCommerce. Highly Collectable's Merchant shop is expected to open in the coming week. We'll send out a special message announcing the exact date.

We certainly did not expect so much time to elapse but we found ourselves in the middle of a something resembling a domino's game. Each move we made seemed to topple verything else, unexpectedly.The short story is, we have had a complete overhaul of our entire operating system here at Camel Productions. In effect, we have started over from the bottom, rebuilding our foundation, step by step. A rather painful process in its duration, but now that we are nearing the end of our immediate challenges, we are all rather excited at finding ourselves in this new world that is Camel Productions. Instead of saying "oh no" every day, we're now saying "all right!!".

These changes will not have any effect on the outer workings of Camel. Everything is behind the scenes, such as new computers, for instance. What you will notice is that our new shop is a vast improvement on its predecessor. Transactions will all be processed real time and we are no longer using customer numbers. In fact, the new shop has the ability for you to set up your own account and keep track of your orders. We're calling this the Personal Camel Account (PCA) and we think it's going to be a terrific addition to our set up. You'll be able to keep track of everything you ordered. The only important thing to remember is to use the same email address. If you always use the same email address when ordering or writing to CP, you'll have access to your own account and can make changes (your home address, phone number, etc.) any time you like, from any computer, anywhere in the world.

There are a few things that still need sorting but they are mostly cosmetic. And we do expect a few snags, initially, when we reopen. With so many changes in our working environment, we're bound to stumble occasionally. But we'll get used to the new procedures and we guarantee we'll give our level best to making sure things go smoothly for all of you. One thing I know for sure, those who work with us at CP are among the most generous and kind hearted people I've ever met. I've known them to drive many miles out of their way to make sure a package was delivered to the post office. With friends like this, it's easy to guarantee that they'll do their best. DVD: We know everyone is anxious for news Camel's Farewell Tour DVD , and any new product to come. We still haven't any definitive news but things are in progress and when ready, we'll let you know. Better to stay our enthusiasm for the day when we can give a reliable date for the release.

FAREWELL TOUR: While the Farewell Tour has certainly come to pass, it's not forgotten by any means. It just took a bit longer than we expected to recover from. It was an emotional affair for all of us -- the band, crew, myself, and those who lent us a hand -- and on many different levels. To offset the high costs, the band needs to perform nearly every single night. They enjoy this schedule, as they would always rather be playing, but the resulting physical strain leaves them vulnerable to illness. On this last tour, not a single band member escaped unscathed. As most everyone already knows, they all fell ill early on in the tour, one after the other, yet not a single performance was missed. Each musician took the stage with fierce determination and gave everything they had to the audience. I say, unabashedly, that I've never worked with finer people and am proud to have done so.

I also had the enormous pleasure of seeing 'old' friends on this tour and was also able to meet 'new' friends... people whose names are known to us but whom we'd never before met. This was super. We were all so honoured by the reception each and every audience gave the band. Even though the tour was many months ago, it sits in our memories as if it were just last week. The final three performances felt as if the band had stepped through the looking glass into a world of magic and wonder.

Camel seem to encounter the most unusual challenges during a tour and the Farewell Tour was no exception. What was exceptional, however, was the source of support in our times of need. We haven't yet had the opportunity to tell you about our experiences behind the scenes and I'd like to mention a few people we hold dear. First up, James Evinson. James attended 18 out of 19 European performances! During this time, he endeared himself to the band and was affectionately dubbed The Cameleer. James helped in so many ways, not least during the selling of merchandise when the venue's seller did not show up. I personally recall being quite overwhelmed at The Stables, in Milton Keynes, when James appeared, promptly rolled up his sleeves, and got to work. We will remain ever grateful for his kind heart and his tremendous support. James is an Honourary Member of the band now and, if there ever is another tour, James Evinson will be at the top of every guest list.

Alongside James is Alastair Cook. Al leapt in to save the day when Camel's tour manager had to return to the UK unexpectedly and the merchandise sales were suddenly unsupervised. Putting his life on hold, Al joined the entourage and became a Jack of All Trades, helping in every aspect of Camel's daily workings. Cheerful, energetic and an absolute delight to work with, Al was a real asset. It was yet another special testament to the good fortune that comes from the unfortunate. Of course, Al is also an Honourary Member of Camel and we all hope to have a chance to work with him again.

There is one other person who must bear a very special mention. An Honourary Member at the least; my right hand (literally as it happened) at the most: Debbie Dyke. Debbie contributed her talent, effort and generous time to us all. She saw us through some major setbacks, and never hesitated to jump into the fray to do whatever needed doing to help us keep the show on the road, both in America and in Europe. Debbie will forever be a part of Camel.

I wanted to thank these people individually because they often made sacrifices to help. They missed some of the shows, and their enjoyment of other shows was impacted by the pressure they found themselves under. Helping out can be fun. More often, it is being caught up in the less pleasant aspects of putting a show on the road. Apart from the Camel entourage of 11 people, there are many other personalities that all come together on the night of a performance. Language barriers alone can pose numerous obstacles, there are
delays, equipment problems, misunderstandings, and tempers can flare. When the lights go down and the first chord is struck, none of these things are visible to an audience. The band are able to concentrate on performing and enjoying themselves; the audience can just soak it all in. It is because of people like James, Al and. especially, Debbie that Camel were able to give so much to an audience. Camel is not the only band with supportive friends and fans. But Camel is, without doubt, among the most privileged to have such a strength of support from so many fine people all over this wonderful world.

I will close my section now and turn the eBeast over to Andrew. Paris, Harry & Emma will be back soon to attend to the shop orders. Thank you all for your patience and kind messages these last months.

My best regards,
Susan Hoover


I know there has been a lot of interest in the Brew project that we recorded a few months back. I wanted to take a moment to explain where things are just now.

Seeing Doug and Andy together again after all these years was truly a healing experience. I didn't know if we would all get along. Would we still relate to each other in the same way we did 30 years ago? My confidence that all would be well was not misplaced. After the initial shock of seeing what the passing years had done to each of us, we quickly slotted into our previous roles. I had quite forgotten how funny these two guys were and each day of our 2 weeks together was filled with laughter.

You can imagine that, after all this time of not seeing one another, we had an awful lot of catching up to do. We also had a lot of emotional baggage to unpack and deal with. So, the first week was one of getting to know each other again as we explored our musical roots, getting our old sound back together, and playing through the numbers I had written for the project.

The second week, we got down to the business of recording and several tracks were laid down. We were all pretty excited and listening to the playback really brought back some great memories. But, inevitably, we didn't have enough time to finish completely. Really, by the end of the second week, we were only just getting started. That's when Andy and Doug had to go back to the UK. We promised to get together again soon.

It was a complete success for us, maybe not in terms of recording an album for immediate release, but definitely in terms of rekindling the friendship of three people who had forgotten they were friends. So I can't say exactly when the album will be finished, but we will finish it. We all want to get back together and explore the musical possibilities as well as strengthening the bond that once was broken and is now repaired.

For now, we'll offer a little jam for download, to give a taste of the fun we had playing and improvising music together again. I've called it 'Left Luggage' as a silly title to illustrate how great it is to unpack old baggage from the past and let it go. Our good friend, Jeff Gebhardt, will arrange to post the track on our site very soon.

I'm told we're reopening our online shop soon and, when it's all ready, the internet address for the download of the Brew jam will be announced with the next newsletter.

As always, I thank you for your kinds words of support and the generosity of your spirit.

My very best wishes to you all,
Andy Latimer

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Update from eBeast - 25th April 2004:


This is a just a general message to thank you all for your kind messages of support, and to let you know what's happening with our shop...

It is obvious that we are well past our 15th February deadline to open Highly Collectable's newly designed shop Merchant Shop. Unfortunately, we still cannot give you a definite opening date, but we do hope it will be soon.

The CP Team has been working overtime to get the shop up and running again but we have encountered a series of problems. Each problem solved seemed to create a new one. In order to cope with this, CP had to make unexpected changes which required even more time to learn new sytems and software applications.

It is not possible to open our shop yet because, for various reasons, the information is not being received correctly. With the new shop, everything is handled online...your credit card will be processed online, and duly charged to your account. We want to make sure it's absolutely right before we open for business.

In the midst of this activity, the Camel site was hacked and our server had to shut us down for a short period. Many of you may have received spam as a result of this predicament and we apologise for this incovnenience, even though it was completely beyond our control. Fortunately, no private information is stored on our site and we hope this was no more than an annoyance to those who may have been spammed as a result. The action, however, disabled our ability to send out a newsletter as it was necessary to implement greater security features and wait for things to settle.

On a much brighter side, the new shop is beautifully designed and set up by Debbie Dyke and Andrew McGowan with tremendous behind-the-scenes support from Jeff Gebhardt. Each has worked long hours and CP is grateful for their continued support. This lengthy process has taken us all by surprise as we had expected an 8 week period would be adequate. Still, we all feel there is light at the end of the tunnel and will send an update as soon as possible.

We'll have Camel news in our next missive. For now, we wanted you all to know what is happening and why you haven't heard from CP in so long.

Best wishes to all from Highly's Merchanteers,
Paris, Harry, Emma and Sean

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Update from eBeast - 21st February2004:

Camel Trackers,

After a well-earned break, CP is revving up for business again.

HIGHLY COLLECTABLE'S MERCHANT SHOP: We've had numerous mails asking when our new shop will open. We are close to launch date, but we have decided not to reopen until the new shop is absolutely ready, passing all the test runs necessary to be sure it will work perfectly first time out. This will be a superb ecommerce site with improved security, faster page loading, better information, immediate credit card processing and order acknowledgement.

FAREWELL TOUR: Those who managed to get to a gig gave Camel a Farewell Tour to remember. Nearly all the shows were sold out with only a few exceptions that were not expected to sell out due to their locations. But the audiences were equal on all shows: Fantastic.

Although things got off to a shakey start with a wicked flu virus attacking one band member after another, it was a mercifully short virus, lasting about 48 hours. Refusing to cancel any of the shows in Spain, the band supported one another on stage. Those who felt well gave extra energy to the audience. It was comraderie at its finest, from start to finish. In our next eBeast, we'll have some words from each of the band members talking of their Best and Worst Tour Moments.

TOUR DVD/LIVE ALBUM: Andrew Latimer has begun sorting out the live tapes and video recordings from the Farewell Tour. Both the Santa Cruz, Calif. and NEARfest shows were audio and video recorded. All three of the UK shows were audio recorded. Which will be offered for sale? We'll have to wait until Andrew has been able to have a good listen and decide.

So, just a short note from Paris, Emma and Harry, to keep you apprised of what's going on at CP, and to close this eBeast, here's a personal note from Andrew Latimer:

"Now that the tour is well and truly over I wanted to send a big 'thank you'.

You brought so much positive energy and great affection to each concert. You waited in the cold just to wish us well, you cheered so loudly it almost deafened the band. You e-mailed such touching words of gratitude and stories of your travels brought tears to my eyes. For our Farewell Tour, you left us with unforgettable memories.

I feel extremely lucky and priviliged to have such friends and if I can find the strength and energy, I'll bring the Camel back! Until then we shall continue to record new Camel albums with the hope that our friendship will grow.

With great affection I wish you Health, Happiness and Peace".

Andy Latimer

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Update from eBeast - 2nd December 2003:

Fellow Camel Trackers,

Just a short missive to say that everyone has returned safely from what was both a rewarding and emotional touring experience. Because we have had many of our number fall ill with that dreadful flu each band and crew member also suffered with -- one after the other -- we have been running on half steam at CP since tour's end. But band, crew and all at CP are all returned to good health and The Merchanteers are back in full force.

In our last message, CP appealed to fans to support the Sheffield gig and the call was heard. All three UK gigs were sold out and bursting at the seams with a tremendous energy. Most of the shows on this tour were sold out and all were supported with passion. At the end, the band joked about not wanting to retire from such a wonderfully attended tour. All agreed, the audiences were the most enthusiastic and most numerous in years.

There are stories yet to tell but they must wait for our next eBeast.

As we have only two weeks left before CP closes, we are focusing on our merchandise so holiday presents will reach their destination in time. We are fully stocked up with goodies but have only a LIMITED number of T-shirts and sweatshirts. It's all first come, first served.

DON'T FORGET: CP will be CLOSED for our usual end of year period: 15th December 2003 through 15th February 2004

So do get your orders in as soon as possible. Harry, Emma and I will be working 6 days a week so there will always be someone here to get the orders out.

More news soon, when we will do some serious Camel Tracking... 'til then,

Cheers from the Merchanteers
Paris, Harry, Emma, and Sean

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Update from eBeast - 12th October 2003:

A short update with news and some answers to recent queries...

SHEFFIELD: A rather surprising report from the promoter that most of the=
tickets sold are internet sales from from distant shores and not to fans=
living in a general vicinity of Sheffield. 70% of the tickets are sold but=
CP wants a SELL-OUT for this last show. Many fans complained there wasn't=
a show in the midlands. We've done our best and though it may not be next=
door to you, it's closer than London. The Scots are coming down in force=
to support the show since a date in Scotland was not viable. If you=
haven't gotten a ticket yet, CP appeals to you to support the show. Make=
this last UK date a sellout like the other two and give Camel the send off=
they deserve.

PARIS: If you are trying to order tickets for Paris, we are informed that=
the phone numbers we have been given -- and have published in our=
newsletters and on our website -- are incorrect. The correct numbers are: =
0820092292 and from abroad 33820092292. If you are calling from abroad,=
you need to dial the international numbers first (in America they are 011).

The other problem is that you must speak French. Many thanks to Bernd=
Herzog for this info.=20

We are trying to discover some English-speaking ways to buy tickets and if=
we do, we'll pass it on.

HOLLAND: For Groningen, you can order tickets from this website:

It's in Dutch but not difficult to understand. A terriffic web site to help=
with simple translations is

ADDITIONAL TOUR DATES: There are none. Due to Ton Scherpenzeel's inability=
to get on an airplane, he is not available for any dates outside the=
European continent. The European tour ends on 29th October.

Although American keyboardist Tom Brislin, performed with Camel on the brief=
US tour earlier this year, he is not available for any more shows. Tom=
wants to focus on his own band, and as a result, there will be no further=
USA dates. CP had hoped to add more shows, and to return to Atlanta, but=
these hopes are officially dashed. Camel's Farewell Tour is on the road,=
winding toward the last show in Sheffield, England.

=46INAL WORD: While it is true that you cannot know the future, this tour=
is sincerely the last for Camel. Yes, anything is possible. The Bluebird=
of Paradise could bring a windfall of financial fortune and entice Andy=
Latimer to get out there again but, as we all know -- and Camel have=
certainly experienced in the past -- life is what happens while you're busy=
making plans. Some fans have expressed their feeling that this isn't=
really the last tour, that it's a sort of gimmick. Well, a gimmick it=
certainly is not, so unless you've seen the Bluebird of Paradise heading in=
the band's direction, Camel are saying their fond farewell to you on this=
tour. Will you be there to hear it? Personally, I wouldn't miss it for=
the world.

See you at the show. I'll be the tall, dark and gorgeous one wearing a=
Camel t-shirt.

Hope to have some gig reviews in our next eBeast. 'til then,

Cheers from,
Harry, Emma, Sean and Paris

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Update from eBeast - 4th October 2003:

Camel Trackers,

Camel's Farewell Tour will soon kick off as the band head out for Spain today! Rehearsals have gone so well, the band took a day off yesterday to visit Amsterdam for some last-minute shopping.

For those of you who have always loved the incredible sound of Andrew Latimer's guitar, you're in for a real treat. He will be touring with not one, but TWO Vox AC30 amps for a stereo sound on stage. This beloved amp is a real blast from the past and the very wellspring of Andy's sound. The rehearsal venue staff have described it as 'heavenly'.

Ton Scherpenzeel will add another bit of magic with a Leslie loudspeaker to get that rich, vintage Hammond sound. This is a real tribute to the Camel sound.

Colin Bass is reportedly in superb vocal form and Denis Clement is stronger than ever, playing with extraordinary energy. This final segment of Camel's Farewell Tour is well and truly on the road.


It pays to be a squeaky wheel. The high demand for tickets for this sold out show originally at The Spirit of 66 has resulted in the show being moved to a larger venue:

Grand Theâtre de Verviers
Rue des Artistes
4800 Verviers

Check out the Spirit of 66 web site and click on 'agenda' for further information. This is a wonderful opportunity to show the band how much they are appreciated. More than double the size of the original venue so...SELL IT OUT!


London's Astoria is sold out! Well done to all who have supported this venue. A sold out show always makes a band feel good but to sell them out before the start of the tour adds a real touch of excitement.


This venue is more than halfway sold out, so please do not put off getting tickets. CP has had many emails from shocked fans who were caught out by the Astoria and Verviers being sold out. Do not procrastinate. Get your tickets and ensure you will have a chance to see the band's last concert show.

There will not be any more shows added to the tour.

NEARLY SOLD OUT ALERTS -- The following shows are over half sold or nearly sold out:

Spain: Granada's Teatro Isabella ( and Barcelona's Bikini (
Germany: Bonn's Harmonie (

Holland: Amsterdam, 'Paradiso' (; Rotterdam's 'Nighttown' (; Utrecht's 'Tivoli' (;

SHOWS NEEDING SUPPORT -- The following shows have quite a few tickets left and need your support:

Spain: Murcia's 'Sala Gamma' (T: 34 932 465512 ) Madrid's 'Macumba' (T: 34 932 465512); Bergara's 'Sala Jam' (T: 34 932 465512

France: Paris - 'Elysee Montmartre' (T: 00331 5507 ) One of the most beautiful cities in the world has very sad ticket sales! (

Germany: Paderborn's 'Capitol' (

Holland: Maastricht's 'Platte Zaol' (T: 31 15 212 1980 ); Groningen's 'Oosterport', Tel.: +31 (0)50/3680288

MERCHANDISE: In response to many emails, Camel will have merchandise on sale at the shows, including all 3 of the DVDs now on offer, Coming of Age, Curriculum Vitae and Pressure Points. The purchase of merchandise is a direct contribution towards financial support of the tour.

ON THE ROAD: The rising excitement surrounding the Farewell Tour has a swirling mixture of nostalgia and anticipation, with an undeniable touch of sweet sorrow. All good things must come to an end, but this is also where beginnings come from. Camel will go on, creating new music and the future holds much promise. But no one knows what lies ahead. It is the here and now that can be relied upon. Camel are here, now. In years past, they have given many of us memories of a lifetime and we have one last, special opportunity to make a new memory to hold together all the times that came before, a chance to say thanks and bid Camel a truly fond, Fare Well.

Best wishes,
Paris Ford

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Update from eBeast - 5th September 2003:

Camel Trackers,


The Corporation,
Milton Street,
Sheffield, S1 4JU

Box office 0114 251 7000 / 0115 912 9000
Capacity 750
Age restrictions No age restrictions
Handicap fac. Ramps and Toilets
Doors open 7.00pm
Show 8.30pm

Cheers from the Merchanteers!
Paris, Harry, Emma and Sean

Camel's eBeast Newsletter info:

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Update from eBeast - 4th September 2003:


Camel Trackers,

They tell us it's true! An extra date in the UK will happen (and if it isn't true... we'll give you their contact info so you can tell them what you think!).

However we are optimistic and excited. Here are the details:

The Corporation,
Milton Street,
Sheffield, S1 4JU

Box office 0114 251 7000 / 0115 912 9000
Capacity 750
Age restrictions No age restrictions
Handicap fac. Ramps and Toilets
Doors open 7.00pm
Show 8.30pm


Also, just yesterday, CP heard from Denis Clement. He is 'fighting fit', playing lots of local gigs in Quebec and is looking forward to the Camel tour with great relish. He asked that we send his thanks to everyone who wrote messages of good wishes for him.

Cheers from the Merchanteers!
Paris, Harry, Emma and Sean

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Update from eBeast - 29th August 2003:

CAMEL Trackers...

We've just heard that the Leadmill, Sheffield, is NOT confirmed afterall. There appears to be a scheduling conflict the promoter was unaware of.

We are advised to wait while the organisers attempt to sort it out.

We'll let you know as soon as we can. With the problem of The Stables being virtually sold out before CP sent out the info in our eBeast, we wanted to be sure to get this info to you as quickly as possible. But this is exactly why CP waits so long. If the organisers can't reschedule the show, it will now be a terrible disappointment.

Keep the faith!

'til soon...

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Update from eBeast - 28th August 2003:

Cheers from The Merchanteers,
Paris, Harry, Emma and Sean

CAMEL Trackers...

EXTRA DATE: Some last-minute, excellent news! Camel have added one more show on the UK schedule:

Wed., 29th October 2003: The Leadmill, Sheffield

This is a real surprise and a very happy one, too. As it should be, England will have the chance to truly say Farewell to one of their own. SELL IT OUT!

More info will be posted on our site as soon as it's provided by the venue. We don't know if tickets are on sale yet but it is confirmed so give them a shout! In the UK, the box office number is: 0114 2212828

SPECIALLY AUTOGRAPHED CDs: We are all sold out! If you've ordered one and we don't have it, we'll notify you before we charge your card.

Cheers from The Merchanteers!
Paris, Harry, Emma and Sean

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Update from eBeast - 25th August 2003:


A quick note to say the specially autographed 'Gods of Light' Cds are all sold out!

We still have a few autographhed copies of 'Camel on the Road 1972'.

If you want a copy, please, just go to our site and order. There are no special order instructions. An autographed copy goes to whomever orders first.

If we don't have any left, we will notify you before sending out a 'regular', unsigned copy.

Cheers from The Merchanteers,
Paris, Harry, Emma and Sean

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Update from eBeast - 21st August 2003:

Camel Trackers,

A brief update with some rather exciting news from the Beast...

PRESSURE POINTS DVD: At long last, PRESSURE POINTS is available on DVD! This accomplishment has taken many months of negotiation, through many channels, and the outcome is now in stock! This1984 video has been sought after for years. The special terms and conditions which allow us to release this special recording are that it is must remain in its original recorded state, exactly as was released previously on VHS cassette. For this reason, CP has priced the DVD at $20. We continue to have high hopes that the original tapes can be located, despite having been informed many years ago that they were deleted from the archives in 1985. Stranger things have happened but we make no promises or inferences that any bonus footage can be found. For now, CP is pleased that PRESSURE POINTS can be seen in its original, glorious state. Recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon in London, England on the 11th of April 1984, PRESSURE POINTS has nearly 80 minutes of footage which includes guest performances from Mel Collins (sax) and the late Peter Bardens (keyboards).

SPECIAL OFFER: IF you order all three Camel DVDs (Coming of Age, Curriculum Vitae and Pressure Points), we'll apply a 10% discount.

GODS OF LIGHT: During the recording session with Andrew Latimer, Andy Ward and Doug Ferguson, the lads were gracious enough to take time out to autograph 50 copies each of 'Gods of Light' and 'Camel on the Road 1972'. There is no price increase for this special souvenir, but they are in limited supply so it is a first-come, first-served basis. Merely submitting your order will not guarantee the cd so as soon as the supply is depleted, that will be the end of the offer.

We expect these to go quickly so please, if you want a copy, do not delay.

EURO TOUR: Check the Tours page on Camel's web site for the updated performance schedule and ticket details.

Best wishes from the Highly Merchanteers,
Paris, Emma, Harry and Sean

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Update from eBeast - 5th August 2003:

Camel Trackers,

The European tour dates are now finalised. Numerous, last minute changes prevented us from going public before now but we were caught off guard to learn that the venues began selling tickets anyway so please, if you want to attend any of these gigs, get your tickets NOW! Here are the dates with ticket prices:

Wed 8th Spain, Murcia, Sala Gamma EUROS 21
Thu 9th Spain, Granada, La Copera EUROS 21
Fri 10th Spain, Madrid, Macumba EUROS 21
Sat 11th Spain, Bergara (Bilbao), Sala Jam EUROS 21
Sun 12th Spain, Barcelona, Bikini EUROS 21
Mon 13th
Tue 14th France, Paris, Elysee Montmartre EUROS 27
Wed 15th Germany, Paderborn, Capitol (TO BE CONFIRMED!)
Thu 16th Holland, Vlissingen, Arsenaaltheater EUROS 25
Fri 17th
Sat 18th Germany, Bonn, The Harmonie (TO BE CONFIRMED!)
Sun 19th Holland, Rotterdam, Nighttown EUROS 25
Mon 20th Holland, Amsterdam, Paradiso EUROS 25
Tue 21st Holland, Utrecht, Tivoli EUROS 25
Wed 22nd Holland, Maastricht, Platte Zaol EUROS 25
Thu 23rd Holland, Tilburg, 013 EUROS 25
Fri 24th Holland, Rijssen, Lucky EUROS 25
Sat 25th Belgium, Verviers, Spirit of 66 EUROS 21
Sun 26th Holland, Gronigen, Oosterport EUROS 25
Mon 27th UK, Milton Keynes, The Stables STERLING 18.50
Tue 28th UK, London, Astoria

We will soon update our site with all this information along with the contact info.

'til soon,
Paris Ford

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Update from eBeast - 17th July 2003:

Fellow Camel Trackers,

There has been much to track these last weeks...

On 26th June, Camel ascended the stage for their 'preview performance' at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz, California. A SOLD OUT show thanks entirely to the support of you, Camel's eBeasters. You turned up in impressive numbers to support Camel, again breaking a record for the largest number of pre-sold tickets in line (as you did at the Great American Music Hall in 2000). The Catalyst's management, who for years had refused to book the band citing 'Camel don't hold much appeal in this market', enjoyed a hearty helping of humble pie and graciously made the band more than welcome. Catalyst staff were friendly and helpful. It was a most enjoyable evening.

Andrew Latimer, Colin Bass and Denis Clement had been rehearsing for 2 weeks, creating a tight bond of musical energy. Keyboardist Tom Brislin had far less time to rehearse but prides himself on being a 'quick study' and his pride is well-deserved. Tom fitted right in with the group, as if he had been playing with them for years. It was a high energy show and few preview performances go so smoothly nor sound so good.

The 28th found the band at The Bottom Line in New York City where, yet again, Camelites broke more records: The largest number of pre-purchased tickets for BOTH shows. Again, a wonderful audience and high emotion brought the best out of the band. Relaxed and clearly enjoying themselves, they were giving everything they had. Colin's vocals on "Fox Hill" were soaring to new heights along with his highly amusing animations.

NEARfest was a 'cooler' gig but only because they had air conditioning. Once again, the show transcended itself. A few technical problems seemed only to create greater opportunity for onstage banter, with hilarious exchanges between Latimer and Bass while backline technician Del Haggar rushed on and off stage to sort out the problems. Soon Del was part of the show, taking an enormous amount of good natured teasing about his attire -- shorts and black socks. Del saved the night for Denis after a huge blister formed on his thumb (or his 'tum' as Denis would say). Del rushed to his aid with electrical tape, wrapped it around Denis' 'tum' and Denis was able to pound freely again. The NEARfest crowd was nearly "progged-out" by the time Camel hit the stage with the festival nearly 2 hours behind schedule, but the band managed to get a 'progged-out' version of a 'wave' going and an atmosphere of fun prevailed throughout the show.

By the time the band got to Alexandria, Camel were in their stride. As always, the audience made it special for the band with an open-armed welcome and a near tangible anticipation before the show. The Birchmere was another great night, and "Fox Hill" had never been better. While the band anticipated Colin's next rendition with much relish, wondering how he could possibly surpass himself, an unexpected change was looming on the horizon...

Unbeknownst to the band, the Mexican promoter had failed to meet a crucial deadline for contract obligations and the scheduled shows had to be canceled at the last minute. Camel were deeply disappointed by this situation as they had all been looking forward to a repeat of the warm welcome Mexican fans had given them on the 2001 tour. During the drive to the Washington airport for their flight to Atlanta, their spirits were somewhat subdued knowing that Atlanta would be the last show on this leg of the tour.

But the loss of the Mexican shows paled in comparison to what lay ahead. Just before boarding their flight to Atlanta, drummer Denis Clement complained of not feeling well. Seconds later, Denis collapsed on the floor, unconscious.

While the exact cause still remains unknown, doctors believe that Denis may have suffered a severe allergic reaction called 'anaphylaxis' resulting in a loss of consciousness. Denis was rushed to the emergency room at a local hospital where he had a seizure which stopped his heart. Thankfully, in the care of hospital staff, Denis was stabilized.

This particular allergic reaction could have been deadly to Denis but the quick response from the band members at the scene, the medical team who rushed him to hospital, and the superb care of hospital staff reduced the immediate threat to Denis' life. Denis is young and strong, so doctors expect a full recovery. But given the very real threat to his life from this incident, a surgical procedure was performed to protect him in the event anaphylaxis occurs again.

The Atlanta show had to be canceled due to the band's inability to bring in a replacement drummer at such short notice. CP can't say yet if either the Atlanta or Mexican shows can be rescheduled since each were canceled for very different reasons. But if it is possible, it will not be until after the European tour has ended.

The end of the Farewell Tour (Part 1) was less than desirable. Both cancellations were beyond the band's control but Andrew, Colin and Denis each send their apologies and best wishes to all fans who were disappointed by the cancellations, most especially to those who traveled such a long distance only to find the show would not go on. CP knows this can be a crushing disappointment as many people drive for hours, listening to Camel cds in anticipation of the show. Harry, Emma, Sean and I add our voices to commiserate with everyone whose plans to go to the shows were dashed at the 11th hour.

Farewell Tour (Part 2):
On a happier note, Denis is now at home in Canada, and is expected to resume his usual activities after a brief recovery period. Camel are now planning for the European segment of the Farewell Tour (Part 2). CP will soon release an update of the performances and venue contact information. We are aware that some venues are difficult to contact and are hoping to sort this out soon.

We've kept quiet about these events as we felt it was not appropriate for CP to release a statement without permission from all band members, particularly Denis. CP also wanted the facts, not speculation. It just wouldn't be right to talk about the great shows and all the new stuff we have on offer without also explaining the reasons for the cancellations, the state of Denis' health, and to acknowledge the let down many fans have felt about their lost opportunity to see the band perform.

Finally, the news many people have longed to hear but will want to plug their ears. The planned 'acoustic' album is not happening. Although the voting was fun, the top choices (Lady Fantasy, Ice, Echoes, Lunar Sea, to name a few) were more a list of Camel favourites as opposed to music that could be rearranged successfully for acoustic presentation. Andrew Latimer gave it his best attempt but as time passed, so passed the inspiration. For now, the project has been shelved indefinitely.

We at CP have been busy with the new DVD release, which is now in stock and available for ordering online. We've had rave reviews

A 30th Anniversary sweatshirt (with zipper and hood) is now available. It is embroidered in gold thread with logo contest winner Debbie Dyke's design. Made by Lee, as was our 20th Anniversary sweatshirt (which many of us are still wearing), it's a quality piece of clothing that keeps its shape and colour for years. Suggestion: Wash it inside out. For some reason, this makes the color last even longer.

Camel's Farewell Tour tee has the design of logo contest runner-up, Eduardo Hop. A black shirt with purple design in large, x-large and 2x-large, is now available online.

For the first time, CP is offering a 'women's' style tour tee. This shirt, which also features the Farewell Tour design, has a more tailored look with a scoop neck and slightly smaller sleeves. The overall look is fitted and shapely as opposed to a baggier, loose fit with regular tees. This t-shirt sold out quickly on tour.

Visit our shop for pictures of the sweatshirt and women's t-shirt.

So concludes our latest, most lengthy eBeast. Updated European tour dates coming soon!

Best wishes from Highly's Merchanteers,
Paris, Emma, Harry & Sean

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Update from eBeast - 9th June 2003:

Camel Trackers,

There's a flurry of activity at CP these days due to the 11th hour rescue of the US tour so we've had to focus on one bit of info at a time so as not to overwhelm everyone.

CAMEL PREVIEW PERFORMANCE: In our last eBeast, we announced this special performance and tickets are now on sale. The initial response proved too overpowering for our server who decided CP was "under attack" and shut the site down! Before you send any advice, yes, we will be changing our server, but for now things must remain as they are due to the demanding schedule. If you have not received this message: "Your order for (X) tickets to the Camel 'Preview' show is confirmed. We'll send your ticket info soon. See you at the show!" then you do not have tickets to the performance. Please place a new order as soon as possible at

DATE: Thursday, 26th June 2003
DOORS OPEN: 1930 hrs (7:30 pm)
SHOWTIME: 2030 (8:30 pm)
TICKET PRICE: $30 (includes 5% sales tax for Santa Cruz County)
AGES: 21 & over only

If you haven't yet ordered tickets, we highly recommend it. This will be a very intimate show and a one-off chance to spend time chatting with the band after the show. At show's end and after a short break, the band will come out into the audience to enjoy a drink and causal conversation.

EUROPEAN TOUR: Most dates are now confirmed and here are the rescheduled performances. There are a few spaces CP hopes to fill in and we're giving it all we've got. As always, we'll keep you posted. For now here they are:

Wed 8th Spain, Murcia, Sala Gamma
Thu 9th Spain, Granada, La Copera
Fri 10th Spain, Madrid, Macumba
Sat 11th Spain, Bergara (Bilbao), Sala Jam
Sun 12th Spain, Barcelona, Bikini
Mon 13th
Tue 14th France, Paris, Elysee Montmartre
Wed 15th
Thu 16th Holland, Vlissingen, Arsenaaltheater
Fri 17th
Sat 18th
Sun 19th Holland, Rotterdam, Nighttown
Mon 20th Holland, Amsterdam, Paradiso
Tue 21st Holland, Utrecht, Tivoli
Wed 22nd Holland, Maastricht, Platte Zaol
Thu 23rd Holland, Tilburg, 013
Fri 24th Holland, Rijssen, Lucky
Sat 25th Belgium, Verviers, Spirit of 66
Sun 26th
Mon 27th
Tue 28th UK, London, Astoria

DVD 'CURRICULUM VITAE': We anticipate the DVD to go into production on Monday and as soon as we're confident of a delivery date, we'll offer preorders. Emma, Harry and I have seen the full edited version and it is full of great visuals, excerpts from old performances, new performances, footage rarely seen (if ever) and an almost brutally honest account of the band's history. Seeing Peter Bardens in what would become his last interview and hearing Andy Ward tell of his painful emotional struggle is powerful viewing. This documentary has enormous heart. The BONUS FOOTAGE of seeing Andrew Latimer, Doug Ferguson and Andy Ward reunited and chatting about old times is not just a sales gimmick, it's pure magic.

DVD Surprise: At long last, CP will soon offer Pressure Points on DVD. Under the terms of the license, it will be the exact same as the original release without any extra footage but it's such a great concert and has been unavailable for so long now, CP is just glad to be able to offer it again. We'll have preorder info in our next eBeast.

'til the next missive...

Highly's Highly Excited Crew,
Paris, Emma, Harry and Sean

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Update from eBeast - 9th June 2003:

Camel Trackers,

Soon we will send out the new European dates for the postponed shows but first...

As many of you may have heard, Camel often do a "preview" show before the first actual performance date on the tour schedule. Due to the mountain of mail we received concerning this show on the last tour, Camel have decided to open up the "preview" show to our list members.

Sadly, the venue used on the last tour has gone out of business but CP has found the perfect substitute: The Catalyst in Santa Cruz, California. Santa Cruz is a charming, seaside town with a very laid-back ambiance, plenty of places to eat, shop, stroll and...easy to park! For info on lodging, restaurants, etc.,

DATE: Thursday, 26th June 2003
DOORS OPEN: 1930 hrs (7:30 pm)
SHOWTIME: 2030 (8:30 pm)
TICKET PRICE: $30 (includes 5% sales tax for Santa Cruz County)
AGES: 21 & over only

Tickets are presently available ONLY through CP and they are on sale NOW for this 26th June show but they will soon be available through ticket outlets with extra handling charges. Please visit our secure website to place your order via the internet. If you do not have a credit card, please forward a money order or cash (via registered mail) to: Camel Preview Show, PO Box 4876, Mtn. View, Ca. 94040. We will accept checks but due to the special nature of this one-off preview show, tickets cannot be confirmed until the check has cleared. Our apologies for this inconvenience. All sales are non-refundable.

This is a special event that is chiefly designed to help CP offset rehearsal costs but also to give the band a chance to perform under a more relaxed atmosphere before the first "official" date on the tour. After the show, the band will be available to chat and sign autographs for as long as it's possible.

This week is for eBeasters only. As mentioned above, tickets will be offered to the general public next week through the usual outlets which will cost more due to the booking fees, taxes, etc. CP will continue to sell tickets until they are sold out.

Camel hope to return to the west coast later this year but the recent shock of Guy LeBlanc's departure from the band due to his family emergency proves that nothing is guaranteed. The Catalyst is the only confirmed west coast date.

Get your tickets as quickly as possible. It is sure to be a special evening.

On behalf of Harry, Emma and Sean,
Hope to see you at a gig

Best wishes,
Paris Ford

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Update from eBeast - 23rd May 2003:

CAMEL Trackers,

GALAXY QUEST: "Never give up. Never surrender" was the motto in this hilarious American movie and what a good idea! We are absolutely thrilled to announce not one, but two keyboardist's who will ascend the stage with Camel on this Farewell Tour. But first, a little background on our recent activities...

USA TOUR: Relieved to know that Dawn LeBlanc is recovering "inch by inch", Andrew Latimer shifted into high gear to find a keyboard player. Andrew immediately contacted old friends Kit Watkins, Mickey Simmonds and Ton Scherpenzeel but all were previously engaged and, as most everyone already knows, Ton Scherpenzeel, like many people, has a mortal fear of flying. June is one of the busiest times for touring musicians. The short notice made the task that much more intense as it grew ever shorter. The role of Camel's keyboardist must be filled by a player with a wide range of ability and confidence. It is not an easy job. When Andrew Latimer telephoned Keyboard Player Magazine's New York editor for possible players, he promptly and strongly recommended Tom Brislin.

Oft referred to as a 'Whiz Kid', Tom Brislin, filled in for Rick Wakeman on the YES Symphonic tour and has also played with Meat Loaf since 1998. Young, but clearly wise beyond his years, Tom says "I was raised on bombastic '70's rock. My older brother and sisters would blast their Meat Loaf, Yes, ELP, Foreigner, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Genesis, etc. I was a 4-year old prog-kid".

Tom's busy schedule initially precluded him from doing the tour. But he is no stranger to 'challenges of the musical sort' and ultimately accepted, much to the delight of CP. His confident, easy-going manner has already created an atmosphere of sweet anticipation. On two dates, The Birchmere and the Atlanta Playhouse, Tom's own band 'Spiraling' will do a half-hour opening set so fans will have a special opportunity to see Tom in his multi-role capacity. You can also check Tom's web site at and do a search on for some interesting pages on him. Aside from his obvious musical talent, Tom writes for Keyboard Player magazine.

Thus, the USA portion of the tour is on schedule. CP acknowledges Rob La Duca of NEARfest for his tireless efforts to help keep the USA tour on track. Rob's first recommendation was also Tom Brislin but when it seemed that might be a nonstarter, Rob continued to work tirelessly for CP. Although Rob has a vested interest in keeping NEARfest on track, he worked from the heart, first and foremost. Thanks, Rob!

However, Tom Brislin's busy schedule will not permit him to tour with Camel beyond the previously scheduled dates for the USA. Thus, there will be no west coast dates in July as CP had hoped, but Tom may be able to return after the European tour to end the Farewell Tour on a high note with some solid west coast dates. Though not yet scheduled, CP will do all humanly possible to bring this about.

EUROPEAN TOUR: Alas, that brings us to the postponed European tour. We ended our last eBeast saying this could be a 'blessing in disguise'. At the time, this was little more than a feeble attempt to stay positive. Ticket sales were strong, and postponing dates is not just an inconvenience. The Orthez Festival could not be rescheduled due to it being just that, a festival. There are advertisements which must be changed. Rescheduling dates requires a magician's talent to avoid stressful and expensive routing problems if the venue availability (the "avails" as they call it in the booking industry) is poor and dates can't be cohesively scheduled as they were originally. , e.g., playing two dates in Holland, then off to Spain, then back to Holland, etc. Worst of all, CP knew that many fans had made travel commitments that were nonrefundable. But we concluded our last eBeast with determined optimism. Little did we know at the time that Andrew Latimer would eventually inform us that Ton Scherpenzeel will join Camel for the European portion of this Farewell Tour!

Ton has been extremely busy with his band 'Kayak' but it so happens that he has a long gap in October and so Ton will return to Camel for this tour. CP is energized with a current of almost tangible voltage. With no flying involved, the obstacle is removed. Andrew Latimer is looking forward to working with Ton again, telling CP "Ton is a great player and composer whom I've always respected and admired. It's great to have a chance to work with Tonnie again". This Farewell Tour will indeed be a special tour.

EUROPEAN DATES: No specifics are yet available but we will, of course, notify you as soon as they are. At present, the timeframe is looking like early October. CP cannot say if any new dates will be added nor if we will lose some of the original dates scheduled. We must all wait and see.

MERCHANDISE: CP is now hustling to get back on schedule with tour merchandise. We hope to offer all merchandise in advance of the shows so, as one fan put it, "we can show up at the gig wearing our support proudly".

'CURRICULUM VITAE', HISTORY OF CAMEL DVD: Now on the final approach, the finished product draws ever closer to the manufacturing plant. Sean Stephenson is presently on holiday and, upon his return, we will open our pre-order shop.

BONUS FOOTAGE: If you have been wondering why it has taken what seems a rather long time to bring this DVD to the market, there are several reasons. First, gathering licensed material of original footage took longer than we'd hoped. But more so because a rather special event was taking place and until it was 'in the bag', CP was not permitted to release the news. Earlier this year, in March, Andrew Latimer got together with a couple of old friends, Doug Ferguson and Andy Ward. The trio spent an intimate 2 weeks recording an album and reminiscing the best of their times together. The album has not yet been scheduled for release due to the upheaval in the tour schedule but xmas or early spring 2004 is a possibility.

Video producer David Minasian was on hand to capture some visuals of moments during the recording session, and Andrew, Doug and Andy sat down for a brief, candid chat, all of which will be included as bonus footage on 'Curriculum Vitae". A guaranteed giggle!

In closing, on behalf of the band, Guy and Dawn LeBlanc, Emma, Harry and Sean, I thank you for the kind and touching messages of support you've sent. Camel fans have always seemed extraordinary to us and you have proved this to be so. Thank you all so very much for your understanding.

We have some more exciting news in the bag but that will come in our next eBeast.

'til then... see you at a show!

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Update from eBeast - 10th May 2003:

CAMEL Trackers,

This edition of the eBeast greets you with news we would wish not to have to send but send it we must. All is not lost, it is just changedS


During rehearsals last week, CP received word from Canada that Guy LeBlanc's wife had suffered a heart attack and was rushed to hospital in the night. CP is relieved to report that Dawn LeBlanc is recovering slowly but Guy has had to abandon rehearsals and return to Canada to care for his wife and two children. Our wishes go to Dawn for a full and swift recovery.

As a result, CP has had to postpone the European portion of the tour to give the band enough time to recover from the shock and to get rehearsals back on track with the replacement keyboardist as Guy is not expected to be able to return to Camel due to the serious nature of this very personal situation. The existing European dates are now postponed -- not canceled -- until the autumn and tickets will remain on sale. As soon as promoters have reorganised the schedule, we will announce it in an eBeast and publish it on our site.


At this time, Camel are making every effort to keep the existing USA portion of the tour as scheduled. CP has been dismayed at the least by the lack of interest from the venues in California. With sellout shows in the past, their refusal to book the band is puzzling at the least. The Belly Up in San Diego have declined to book the band, as have The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, and CP has had very little response from any Los Angeles venues. Therefore, at this date, CP cannot answer the many queries concerning the west coast dates, however, there will be at least one California show.


As we understand it, tickets previously purchased are still valid and will be honoured at the rescheduled show.


We ask your understanding at this difficult time. We know that many of you will be deeply disappointed. We at CP are also dealing with our disappointment and the grueling process of rescheduling while we continue to keep other matters on track, e.g., the history DVD, tour merchandise, filling orders, etc. If you wish to express your disappointment to us, we ask that you be kind. This isn't anyone's fault. If it were within our control, nothing would be changed. Camel would be performing at everyone's favourite venue just around the corner from their home, and the set list would be comprised of everyone's favourite song. Alas, it is not controllable and we are rolling with the punches so we can get up and keep going forward. That is our primary goal.

More news soon about the DVD, merchandise andSrescheduled dates! You never know. It could be a blessing in disguise.

For All at CP,
Paris Ford


I'm sure you all must be as shocked as we have been by this turn of events. I gave my best efforts to finding a replacement for Guy so we could keep the original schedule on track. Many people have made arrangements to travel long distances to see a show and this weighs heavily on my heart. Such things are beyond our control but that does not make us feel any better for disappointing our fans. But at such short notice, everyone we knew who could handle the job was already engaged elsewhere. Rather than bin the whole tour, we're trying to keep it on track in some fashion and we will be successful. I apologise for letting you down, and look forward to a more positive situation very soon.

My best wishes,
Andy Latimer

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Update from eBeast - 4th April 2003:

CAMEL Trackers,

More confirmed dates and details!

We hope this early info helps make going to a Camel concert a little easier for those who have to travel.

We'll have more news soon but for now, we're just sending out the peformance details. Very shortly all this info will be on our web site.

DON'T PANIC over the lack of West Coast dates. CP is optimistic that info will be available for next week.


Sat 7th
(still awaiting details)

Sun 8th
Tickets: (33) 557 77 10 30 / Fax: (33)55 77 10 31
Capacity: 1,500 standing
Children: Under 12 admitted free
Smoking: Yes
Handicap: Yes, there is a special place by the stage.
Cameras/Taping: Still cameras permitted - PLEASE NO FLASH! Absolutely no video cameras of any kind are permitted.
Lodging: To reserve hotel , camping phone: 33.559.69.37.50 or fax: 33.559.69.12.00

16TH JUNE Holland, Vlssingen, Arsenaaltheater
Tickets: 31 (0) 118 416662 or at De DRVKKERY, Markt 51 Middelburg and VVV Oude Markt 5 Vlissingen
Capacity: 700 standing
Children: All ages. Camel request no babies please. It's too much for their little ears
Smoking: Yes
Handicap: NO
Cameras/Taping: Still cameras permitted - PLEASE NO FLASH! Absolutely no video cameras of any kind are permitted.


17TH JUNE Holland, Tilburg, 013
18TH JUNE Holland, Leeuwarden, De Harmonie
19TH JUNE Holland, Amsterdam, Paradiso
20TH JUNE Holland, Rijssen, Lucky
21ST JUNE Holland, Rotterdam, Nighttown
22ND JUNE Holland, Utrecht, Tivoli
23RD JUNE Holland, Maastricht TBC

Tue 24th
BELGIUM, VERVIERS, SPIRIT OF 66 (click on 'Agenda' and then 'June 2003')
Tickets: 087 35 24 24 or through FNAC 0300 00 600 or online
Capacity: 350 standing
Doors Open: 1900 hrs (7pm)
Show Time: 2030 hrs (8:30pm)
Children: Not under 16
Smoking: Yes
Handicap: Yes
Cameras/Taping: Still cameras permitted - PLEASE NO FLASH! Absolutely no video cameras of any kind are permitted.

Wed 25th
Tickets: (44)020 7344 0044 (24 hrs) No booking fee when paying in cash from Astoria box office.
Capacity: Approx 2,000-2,500 (seated and standing)
Doors Open: 1900 hrs (7pm)
Show Time: 2000 hrs (8pm)
Children: Not under 14. Under 16 must be accompanied by an adult
Smoking: Yes
Handicap: No but security will help with carrying wheelchairs into the venue
Cameras/Taping: Still cameras permitted - PLEASE NO FLASH! Absolutely no video cameras of any kind are permitted.
Lodging: Located in London's West End

Sat 28th -- TWO SHOWS
NEW YORK, THE BOTTOM LINE CABARET THEATRE - tickets not yet on sale!
15 west 4th st. (corner of 4th & mercer) NY, NY 10012
Tickets: Box office: (212) 228-6300 Money order or cash. NO CREDIT CARDS!
Capacity: 400
Doors open: 1800hrs & 2200hrs (8pm & 10pm)
Show Times: 2030 & 2230 (8:30pm & 10:30pm)
Children: With parent or guardian (Camel requests no babies please; it's too much for their ears)
Smoking: NO
Handicap: Yes (call ahead)
Cameras/Taping: Still cameras permitted - PLEASE NO FLASH! Absolutely no video cameras of any kind are permitted
Lodging: Soho Grand Hotel (nice) Holiday Inn (China Town)

Sun 29th USA, Trenton, NEARfest (SOLD OUT)

Mon 30th
Tickets: Phonecharge (202) 432-SEAT or 800-551-SEAT or Online at
Contact: 730-549-7500 http://www.birchmere,com
Capacity: 500 seated (first come, first served)
Doors open: 1800 hrs (6pm)
Show time: 1930 hrs (7:30)
Children: All ages welcome. Camel request no babies please. It's too much for their little ears.
Smoking: NO
Handicap: Yes "we are completely handicap accesible"
Cameras/Taping: Still cameras permitted - PLEASE NO FLASH! Absolutely no video cameras of any kind are permitted
Lodging: Best Western Pentagon (703)979-4400
Hotel Pentagon (703)682-5500
Courtyard Marriott Crystal City (703)549-3434
Radisson Hotel or Holiday Inn Old Town, (703)549-4192

Tue 1st
Tickets: (405) 524-7354 or
or Ticketmaster:
Also via mail order. Contact the venue for details or visit their website
Capacity: 500 to 1,100 depending on the seating configuration. All shows are general admission
Doors Open: 1900 hrs (7pm)
Show Time: 2000 hrs (8pm)
Children: All ages welcome. Camel request no babies please. It's too much for their little ears.
Smoking: There is no smoking inside the theater, only in the lobby and on the smokers deck.
Handicap: Handicap bathrooms. Be here 10 minutes before doors open for early admittance.
Cameras/Taping: Still cameras permitted - PLEASE NO FLASH! Absolutely no video cameras of any kind are permitted.
Lodging: High End: The Ritz, 4 Seasons, Westin Peachtree Plaza
Mid: Wyndham midtown, Wyndham downtown, Grenada Suites, Colony Square Hotel
Economy: Highland Inn (closest to the Variety Playhouse), Red Roof Inn (N. Druid Hills), Courtyard by Marriott, Days Inn

Best wishes,
Paris Ford

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Update from eBeast - 25th March 2003:

CAMEL Trackers,

Tour 2003 is taking shape. Because we have had so many emails asking about the tour, CP has chosen to break with tradition and announce some agreed dates. Please note that we say 'agreed' and not 'confirmed'. This means the dates and details are agreed upon and negotiations are complete for the most part. To give everyone plenty of advance notice, we are releasing the preliminary dates as we continue looking for more dates to add along the way.

Before we list the dates, CP wishes to express profound regret that the Polish promoter cancelled all of CAMEL's previously scheduled performances upon learning that Peter Gabriel would be touring at the same time. Although the shows were on different days and in different cities, the promoter felt that fans would not be able to go to two concerts within such a close time period. Because they believed the Gabriel concert would attract more fans, the CAMEL concerts were cancelled. CAMEL had planned to kick off this Farewell Tour in Poland, opening in Krakow and it was a great disappointment to the band. From Andrew Latimer: "We are sad to learn that we will not have the chance to perform in Poland on our last tour and send our best wishes to all our fans in Poland".

It also appears that CAMEL will not have an opportunity to perform in Germany or Scandinavia which is equally lamentable as the disappointment in Poland. However, no promoter in these territories has shown a serious interest at this date. If you know of a promoter, have them contact CP. Please don't send a message telling CP of a good place for the band to perform. A good promoter is essential for the band to perform.

NOTE: The USA West Coast dates are not yet ready for posting. We'll let you know as soon as they are scheduled.

Don't forget! Dates may change; venues may change; new dates may be added. "TBC" means 'to be confirmed'. As soon as we have venue information, we'll let you know so you can get your tickets early.


Sat 7th France, Paris, Elysee Montmartre
Sun 8th France, Orthez, Rock Festival
Mon 9th
Tue 10th Mallorca, Palma, TBC
Wed 11th
Thu 12th Spain, Barcelona, Bikini
Fri 13th Spain, Madrid, Macumba
Sat 14th Spain, Pamplona, TBC
Sun 15th
Mon 16th
Tue 17th Holland, Tilburg, 013
Wed 18th Holland, Leeuwarden, De Harmonie
Thu 19th Holland, Amsterdam, Paradiso
Fri 20th Holland, Rijssen, Lucky
Sat 21st Holland, Rotterdam, Nighttown
Sun 22nd Holland, Utrecht, Tivoli
Mon 23rd
Tue 24th Belgium, Verviers, Spirit of 66
Wed 25th UK, London, Astoria
Thu 26th TRAVEL
Fri 27th TRAVEL
Sat 28th USA, New York, The Bottom Line Cabaret Theatre
Sun 29th USA, Trenton, NEARfest (SOLD OUT)
Mon 30th USA, Alexandria, Washington, The Birchmere Music Hall
Tue 1st USA, Atlanta, Variety House
Wed 2nd
Thu 3rd
Fri 4th Mexico, Mexico City, Foro Las Americas
Sat 5th Mexico, Mexico City, Foro Las Americas

Best wishes,
Paris Ford

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Update from eBeast - 11th February 2003:

Camel Trackers...

In our last eBeast, Tour 2003 was officially announced with the confirmation of NEARfest in Trenton, NJ, on 29th June. Other performance dates are gradually beginning to take shape but nothing is yet confirmed. We apologise to everyone who wants to know more dates so they can book their holidays but CP can't say what isn't known. In the past, USA dates have been near impossible. Although some offers were put forth, the fees did not meet expenses and the performances never materialized. CP feels fairly confident that there will be at least one California date but no date/s -- not even tentative bookings -- are scheduled as of this newsletter. This may change in a few weeks. It may never change. The market is just too unpredictable. CP was reminded of this unpredictability when Camel's booking agent, Paul Boswell, told CP he felt sure the UK's Canterbury Festival would be a perfect venue for Camel. Paul was stunned when the promoter declined to book the band, stating 'Camel's music is too similar'. Everyone at CP was struck speechless by this statement although it is not uncommon in the uphill battle of touring. As of this date, it appears Japan will not host any Camel performances due to the crippling recession they are enduring.

Booking a tour is never an easy process for any independent band, most especially when the band members are scattered around the globe. Unlike 30 years ago, they can't just grab their gear, hop in a van and drive to any venue that has a stage. Aah, the 'good' ol' days. The financial burden of touring is something CP has mentioned numerous times in the past and with the global economy such as it is, this problem has changed only in the sense of having grown larger in expense and smaller in performance opportunities. As a result, Camel have made the decision they have long-since tried to avoid: Tour 2003 will be Camel's final tour.

Andrew Latimer assures us that Camel will continue to record music. But the all-consuming effort and expense of putting a tour together will soon be a thing of the past. "I'll miss touring, no doubt about that. But we haven't broken enough new ground to ease the pressures and obstacles involved." he explained to Paris Ford. "I'm going to concentrate on projects in the studio".

This news is not entirely unexpected. CP thought 1997 would be the last tour but stayed the course for another 2 tours. Everyone was optimistic that the success of those tours would bring greater opportunities for the next tour. That optimism has since morphed into harsh reality. The bright side is that the tour will be a true celebration of an incredible recording and performing history. Andrew Latimer never reveals set lists in advance but he assures us it will be a worthy tribute to the wealth of material Camel have recorded over the years.

Highly Collectable's Merchant shop was hit by internet fraud last Xmas. Fortunately, it wasn't as bad as it might have been. However, in an attempt to protect both CP and the cardholder, we now ask for the 'CVV' number on your card. This is the 'Card Verification Value' and it is a security code. It is located on the back of your card next to your signature. The next time you order, you will find a special box for this number on our Shop page in the payment details section. Some cards will have the entire card number on the back with some extra numbers. If that is the case, please just enter the last 5 numbers in that string. CP feels this is a minor inconvenience that can have a major impact on the prevention of internet fraud.

As always, we will announce performance dates the very moment they are confirmed. We ask your understanding and your patience. We don't want to raise any hopes only to be dashed, most especially on this Farewell Tour.

'til our next missive...
Best wishes from All at CP,

Paris Ford

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Update from eBeast - 21st January 2003:

Fellow Camel Trackers...

Although CP is officially closed and will not reopen until 1st Feb., we have news that simply cannot wait. So, without further delay...

After a 28 year absence, Camel will return to the east coast of America to headline NEARfest. On 29th June 2003 at 8:30 pm, Camel will be centerstage with Andrew Latimer, Colin Bass, Guy LeBlanc and Denis Clement. For information, visit their website:

Tour 2003 is on.
There will be other dates around the world for Tour 2003 but they have not yet been confirmed. The moment they are, we will post them on our site and send out a press release.

That's all for now. We'll be back in the office in a couple of weeks when Our Highly Collectable Merchant Shop will be open. Camel's first DVD release, 'Coming of Age', is in stock after our Xmas rush and we have Dust and Dreams and Moonmadness t-shirts fully stocked up and in XXL size!

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Update from eBeast - 16th December 2002:

Greetings Camel Trackers,

.. is nearly upon us. CP is stocked and ready although December has come in with a roar and seems to be racing towards the new year. Still, all orders are going out within a day of being received now so if you have some last-minute shopping to do, please visit our site and order those gifts. As we do each year, we'll be closed from the 20th December through 31st January. Well, okay, so we stick around a bit longer than that... but don't delay! The world postal system is slow enough as it is.

We have a winner! You can now view the top 10 logo entries. This was a contest of great fun for us at CP. The interpretations had such a wide range and were truly excellent. In the end, the choice was made for the design that most suited a logo -- simplicity and visibility. CP received over 100 entries, far more than we anticipated so it took much longer than expected to download and choose the winner. So, with a bit of maginary fanfare (enter drum roll), the winner is ... Debbie Dyke! Debbie's design lends itself beautifully to stationery letterhead, silk screening and embroidery. Our thanks to everyone who submitted a design. We would have liked to post them all on our site but restraint was required. Have a look at Camel's talented fans at:

Now that Camel have their 30-th Anniversary logo, it seems it will be more of a 30-ish Anniversary tour. The planned celebration hit several detours in that long and winding road to the stage. The world economy is booming in some parts of the globe and in a complete slump in other parts. While there were many offers for the band to perform, promoter budgets were tight. Creating a cohesive tour both from a financial standpoint as well as from a unity standpoint for the band proved a fierce challenge. In theory, a day or two off is nice, but in reality, the income stops while the expenses continue. If it takes 2 days to drive to a performance, it's 2 days of 'down time'. Camel's touring schedule covered too much ground with too many days of 'down time' inbetween. But, CP continues an optimistic scan of the touring horizon for 2003 and,
as always, you'll be the first to know of CONFIRMED dates.

As we mentioned in our previous eBeast, there was a Bonus Track on the Japanese release of A Nod and a Wink. Japan is the only territory in the world to which Camel Productions grants a license to manufacture. Being a 'conventional' record company, there are strict procedures that must be followed and that means a new album requires 3 months to push through the system before it can be released. CP is anything but conventional. The moment stock arrives, a new album is officially released. 'A Nod and a Wink' was released 6 weeks ahead of Japan's
release so a bonus track was added to give some incentive for Japanese fans to buy from their own territory and to protect the record company from imports. Now that enough time has passed since the release of 'A Nod and a Wink', imports are no longer a threat to Japanese sales and CP is offering the bonus track, titled "After All These Years" as a free download on our site at:
(if you're on a slow modem, your download time is about 20 minutes).

CP had high hopes for a 2002 release date but alas that's encountered its own detour. It has taken much more time than anticipated to examine the footage of both video and still images. The good news is that editing is going very well and a spring release is scheduled with confidence. Once again, CP's 'unconventional' status means that as soon as the DVD has gone into manufacturing, we'll let everyone know when orders can be accepted.

Recently, Andrew Latimer took a well-deserved break and went England to visit his family. Brother Ian had arranged an evening with 'old' friends and lo and behold, without even realising it, the original Phantom Four found themselves enjoying a pint together in a London pub. Unfortunately, no instruments were at hand but the 4 originals, Andrew and Ian Latimer with Alan Butcher and Graham Cooper had a grand walk down memory lane. Apparently, most everyone still has their hair (well, most of it anyway)!

'til next year...Happy holidays from Highly's Merchanteers,
Paris, Harry & Emma

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Update from eBeast - 24th October 2002:

is now firmly established in the shops and readily available. CP's pre-order offer was a stunning success and we thank veryone for their generosity and trust in paying for their copy in advance.

Yes, it's true! The Japanese release of 'A Nod and a Wink' contains a bonus track titled "After All These Years". Japan is the only territory in the world where CP grants a license for production. Due to the scheduling needs of a major record company, the Japanese were not able to release at the same time as CP so this track was added as an incentive, so the Japanese record company would not be damaged by an influx of inexpensive imports before their own release date.

If you have already purchased a copy of 'A Nod and a Wink' that doesn't have the bonus track, stay tuned. We'll have info in time for xmas.

The planned Camel acoustic album has stumbled onto a few delays. Having no break inbetween productions produced a bit of 'studio fatigue' after the initial burst of recording. A short break was required to re evaluate the arrangements. Andrew Latimer wants something 'special', not just the same songs with different instruments.

We will soon be updating our web site and we'll have a page with the top 10 logo submissions along with an announcement of the winner. The postponement of the tour dampened our enthusiasm just a bit but not to worry, if the tour is the 31st year, there will still be 30 years worth of celebrating!

Still nothing definite to report but CP expects that to change over the next few weeks.

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Update from eBeast - 5th July 2002:

As the USA celebrated the 4th of July holiday, we at CP put in a full day of work. The amazing response you have given to the pre-ordering of 'A Nod and a Wink' and the 'Coming of Age' DVD is unlike anything we've experienced before. Forgive me if I sound a bit giddy but this really is exciting. We're putting in extra hours to get all the orders processed and ready for Andrew Latimer to autograph so shipping can proceed as quickly as possible. Just last week we enhanced our abilities when Emma Stuart joined the Highly Likely CP Team. She has already proven herself to be Highly Indispensable.

'A Nod and a Wink' and the 'Coming of Age' DVD are right on schedule. We expect to have both releases arriving at CP's warehouse at
the same time this month. This stroke of good fortune was brought about by the surge of energy injected into this project by eveyone involved,
especially Producer David Minasian. Dave has really pulled the rabbit out of the hat in spite of all the pitfalls he has faced creating the DLT (data linear transfer) master which is the greatest hurdle in the DVD-making process. Dave has really been on the case working with Daniel Shattuck in Los Angeles and tells us all is on schedule and looking good.

Last week, we were informed that the 'Coming of Age' DVD will have approximately 15 minutes of footage shot by Dave Minasian and co-producer Alan Schulz at Little Barn Studios during rehearsals for the '97 tour and also 15 minutes of the sound check just before the performance began. We were lucky enough to have a sneak preview and, as I said in our last update, it's a gas!

Many, many thanks to everyone who has submitted a design for the 30th Anniversary logo. There has been an unexpectedly large volume of
submissions which has, from time to time, overloaded the account causing it to refuse transmissions. We ask that you submit no more than two designs due to limited space and please take care the files are not too large (no more than 100k). The design contest is a lot of fun. Submissions range from funny, nostalgic, stylish, creative, innovative and more. We will soon have an update on the 'winner'.

In our last update, the exuberance over the planned 30th Anniversary Tour had taken a slight turn towards a more hushed anticipation. Now, I
have the unenviable task of announcing the postponment of the tour until Jan/Feb of 2003. An intense session of conference calls twixt booking agent Paul Boswell, Susan Hoover and various promoters concluded that both the band and fans would be better served with a short postponment. Although some dates had been provisonally booked, the struggling economies of other territories prevented promoters from offering performance dates that were financially feasible and this has a kind of 'domino effect' on putting together a really cohesive tour. Japan has more promising prospects in the Jan/Feb time frame and the postponment gives CP a better opportunity to make a real push for a serious USA tour instead of the few California dates CP arranges directly.

While this news seems at first glance to be not the best, it has a brighter side. Performing an abbreviated tour at the outset doesn't really give the band a chance to sink their teeth into the spirit of it and develop their comradery. CP's disappointment has given way to the optimism of this realization. The last tour saw the band performing under almost unbearable pressure and most of us know the negative effects this had on the health of Andrew Latimer (not least on Susan Hoover), so a bit of patience can really only increase the thrill of anticipation.

In the meantime, we still have the acoustic album and the DVD of Camel's history to look forward to. We'll have more updates on this as soon as 'A Nod and a Wink' and the 'Coming of Age' DVD are on their way to you.

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Update from eBeast - 1st July 2002:

The master disc of A Nod And A Wink is winging its way to the pressing plant at this very moment. The official release date is now 29th July but all pre-orders take priority. Don't forget that only pre-ordered and pre-paid copies will be autographed by Andrew Latimer. After 'A Nod And A Wink' is released, Andrew will be back in the studio working on the acoustic album. DVD - Coming of Age: CP is stil buzzing with excitement over Camel's first DVD release. We have been taking this slowly because it is so complicated and we don't want to promise what we can't deliver. However, it's official now so we can tell you that the DVD will include BONUS FOOTAGE of both rehearsals and the sound check. We got a sneak preview last night and.. it's a gas!

As our DVD customers will already know, the only format we offer will be NTSC Region 0. This is also called "region-free" and we are told by the pressing plant that it will play on regions 1-6 (supposedly all regions). There are no region restrictions. We are also told that NTSC will play on all modern DVD players. There are apparently some older DVD players that may not accept it so what we are suggesting is, if at all possible, borrow a copy of an NTSC Region 0 DVD and see if it plays on your system. There's no better proof than actually trying it.

The unfortunate state of the world economy is keeping us all in suspense about the proposed tour later this year. A few dates have been
provisionally booked but they are NOT CONFIRMED. CP received word this morning that some clubs are already advertising but, please, do not take action until you have confirmation from CP. It is imperative that Camel are able to tour within financial reason and that means there must be enough dates to make it worthwhile. At this stage, the Japanese economy is not in a position to offer performance dates. The South American economy is in a similar state and with the recent situation in Argentina, CP is disappointed to discover no performance dates are forthcoming in Brazil, Argentina, Chile or Costa Rica. Do not lose heart! Camel will tour. A tour is a puzzle in which all the right pieces must fit and when that happens we'll let you know.

Polls closed this Sunday, 30th June. Highly Accountable is tidying up the final votes and will have to keep you in suspense for awhile until they are tallied and Andrew Latimer can determine if the tracks will lend themselves to an acoustic arrangement. As soon as we know, you'll
know. This is one of the finer faces of cyberspace.

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Update from eBeast - 22nd June 2002:

Mixing of 'A Nod and a Wink'
is nearly complete! CP is gearing up for pre-order shipping so if you've already made a pre-order you'll be hearing from us very soon. If you haven't made a pre-order give it some thought. Only the pre-ordered copies of the CD and DVD will be autographed to you, personally, by Andrew Latimer. After the official release date -- which we expect next month -- Andrew will be back in the studio to record the acoustic album and he will not be available for signing.

The 'Coming of Age' DVD
is also nearly complete! A veritable mine-field of technical challenges, the DVD finally began to take firm shape last week. This mastering process is entirely different from the CD format. It is also nearly 3 times more expensive. As a result, the DVD will be offered only in the 'NTSC Region 0' format. We are informed that this will permit the DVD to be played without any region restrictions and that most PAL players in Europe were sensibly designed to be able to accept NTSC format. CP looked carefully at offering both formats but the demand for NTSC is greater and it would require 2 different masters, which would double CPs costs and dramatically increase the cost of the DVD itself. We have had a wonderful response for pre-ordering and only one order has had to be cancelled due to the format. If you have any doubts, ask the manufacturer of your DVD player if it will play 'NTSC Region 0' format. We've finally received the new postal rates from the post office and it isn't as bad as we had expected. At first glance, it appears there will only be a few cents added to your original total for the postage.

We managed to sneak into the studio during mixing and hope to have some photos to post on our web site very soon. We'll let our subscribers know about it first so look for a message from us next week.

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Update from eBeast - 19th May 2002:

Fellow Camel Trackers...

We at CP have often said we are busy at work behind the scenes, despite the seemingly quiet Nature of the Beast. A camel can go for a long time without water but the drought has ended. We have a storm of news...

Recording for Camel's new studio album "A Nod and a Wink" is well under way. Guy LeBlanc, Colin Bass and Denis Clement joined Andrew Latimer at Little Barn studios. Spirits were exceptionally high within the band despite 12-hour days in the studio. An album blending a bit of fun and nostalgia with a nod to Camel's roots and a wink at the whimsical, "A Nod and a Wink" comprises 7 tracks and approximately 55 minutes of music. A release date has not yet been settled upon but "A Nod and a Wink" will be out by summer. The moment we know the release date, we'll send out a mailing. Look for more news over the next couple of weeks including details on pre-ordering.

Soon after "A Nod and a Wink" has been recorded, mixed, mastered and on its way to the manufacturing plant, Guy LeBlanc will return to Little Barn Studios where he and Andrew Latimer will record an album of favourite Camel tunes, rearranged especially for acoustic recording. Well, there may be a little electricity here and there but that's poetic license for you. In the meantime, Camel want to hear from you. Send in your vote for 10 Camel tracks you think would be best suited to an acoustic arrangement. The votes will be tallied and the most favoured tracks will appear on the album. Visit our web site and enter your favourites. Please, only one vote per person. Your email address will be a required element. The acoustic album will be released just before the tour later this year and offered for sale at the performances. But fear not, if you aren't able to get to a gig we will be taking pre-orders so no one will miss out.

CP has received an ever-increasing number of inquiries concerning DVD's. At the present time, CP offers Camel's 1997 live concert "Coming of Age" on VHS only. But given the increasing demand, we may soon offer this video on DVD. If you are interested, send a message to and if CP is able to off-set the high costs of production, we'll then offer it for pre-ordering.

At last, straight from the mouths of Latimer, Bardens and Ward, the History of Camel has been told. You will soon be able to see and hear it for yourself when, later this year, CP offers The History of Camel on DVD.

Many of you will have been able to enjoy the UK's Channel 4 TV series "Top Ten" and, in particular, the excellent segment on Progressive Rock in which Camel was featured. Produced with a tongue-in-cheek approach, Camel considered the show to be a hit, enjoying the mix of humour, music and 'cheek'. The respect accorded the band by the production team at Chrysalis Television, was evident not only in the televised footage but also through their tremendous generosity in providing Camel master copies of all the interviews with Andrew Latimer, the late Peter Bardens and Andy Ward. Video producer Dave Minasian is hard at work editing, shaping and compiling content -- including vintage clips of televised performances -- to cover the history of the band. Given the enormous volume of work this entails, CP cannot yet give a release date but, like the acoustic album, it will be available on tour if not shortly before.

Tour plans are gradually gathering speed. When gigs are confirmed, we will post the info on our web site 'Tours' page. Check weekly to see how things progress. No performances are yet planned. We'll send out an e-Beast to let you know when to start anticipating.

W ho says you can't teach an old camel new tricks? Though it may be our 30th anniversary, we are introducing our very first contest! Are you a designer? Or do you just like to draw? Well, here's your chance to strut your stuff and help the band at the same time. We're looking for a special logo to represent Camel in this 30th Anniversary year. Everyone at CP agrees that it would be extra special if a true Camel lover created a logo that illustrated the uniqueness of so many years of great music. The design will be selected by the band. In return, the "winner" will receive two complimentary tickets to a performance of their choice with a backstage pass for an afternoon of Camel from soundcheck to evenings end plus two copies each of all 2002 musical offerings from the band. Interested? If so, please email your design in Jpeg or Gif format ONLY to Entries must be received at this address by 30 June 2002 to be eligible. The accepted design will become the copyright of Camel Productions.

It came to our attention last year in September that there were some defects on the 2001 pressing of Camel's self-titled, first album "Camel". As soon as this was confirmed, CP pulled the album from the internet shelf, preventing the sale of further defective copies. Although this was entirely beyond CP's control, Andrew Latimer was deeply concerned that any defective copies reached the market. Due to an intermittent problem during pressing, our UK manufacturer accepted responsiblity and the discs have been repressed. Not all copies were defective but if you have one, CP will replace it free of charge whether you bought it from CP or not. Simply return the disc to "REPLACEMENT DISC OFFER", Camel Productions, PO Box 4876, Mtn. View, Calif. 94040 (USA). Send the disc ONLY. Do not send the jewel case and booklet. Include a self-addressed bubble-wrap envelope or jiffy bag and we'll send you a pristeen copy. Please do not include any special requests with your disc. CP will simply replace the disc and send it back.

CP is delighted to announce the long-anticipated launch of Camel's revamped web site. We've tried to keep it simple and interesting, with a touch of Flash, but without too lengthy a time to download. The design and layout of the site has been contributed to by numerous individuals with hearts of pure gold. CP is excited about this long-awaited launch and we wish to express our deepest gratitude to Stacey Oku, Debbie Dyke and Michael Martin, with an extra special thanks to Jeff Gebhardt for the many hours of talent and effort each has contributed. They are truly Team Camel. We will be adding lots of goodies to the site over the coming months based upon many excellent suggestions we've had from fans so be sure to check back on occasion. If you're too busy to check back be sure you're registered ( for our eBeast and then you can leave the rest to us.

A real bonus to our new site is that online ordering is far more streamlined and you can now get precise shipping costs for ordering via fax or snail mail, all through a single process. When you're ready to submit your order, you can choose to order online or choose to print the order and fax or mail it at a later time. Online orders will be immediately received by CP but, of course, fax and snail-mail orders must be faxed or mailed to us after you have printed the form.

In the midst of all this exciting and happy news, there is also very sad news. Many of you will already know of former Camel keyboardist Peter Bardens' illness with lung cancer as this news has been posted on our site for some time. Sadly, Peter did not survive his illness and died on 22nd January at his home in Malibu, California. His family was with him when he passed away. Peter is survived by his children Ben, Sam, and Tallulah, and his father, Dennis. Peter will be sorely missed by all who loved him but he will be forever remembered for his contribution to Camel. All messages of condolences sent to CP were forwarded to Peter's family and we thank you, on their behalf, for the many kind and loving messages.

It is official, the paper version of The Nature of the Beast is now retired. If you know anyone who hasn't signed up for our eBeast, encourage them to do so. We at CP will miss our special newspaper but it was an inevitability in this age of electronic communication. The bright side of the matter is that we can stay in closer touch, amending and updating news in a much more timely fashion. To those who contributed to the newsletter, we send our grateful thanks. The Beast would have been retired at a much earlier stage, prematurely, in fact, but for your generosity.

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