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CD 1

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1. Skylines
2. Song Within a Song
3. Lunar Sea
4. Never Let Go
5. Ligging at Louis'
6. Lady Fantasy: Encounter/Smiles for You

Re-mastured Bonus Tracks:
First Light
Chord Changes

1. Great Marsh
2. Rhayader
3. Rhayader Goes to Town
4. Sanctuary
5. Fritha
6. Snow Goose
7. Friendship
8. Migration
9. Rhayader Alone
10. Flight of the Snow Goose
11. Preparation
12. Dunkirk
13. Epitaph
14. Fritha Alone
15. Princess Perdue
16. Great Marsh

Re-mastured Bonus Tracks:
Spoken Introduction - By Petter Bardens
White Rider
Another Night

This is the definitive Camel live album, it certainly shows the bands strength on stage during the early years.

It is not a recording of one single concert but a selection from several. It was released shortly after the launch of Raindances and the record company did not wish it to interfere with the studio albums sales. They therefore reduced the number of tracks to be included from the Rain Dances tour. These tracks have now been included in the re-mastered version, making it an even better album if that was at all possible.

The second CD is The Snow Goose played in its entirety with the backing of the London Symphony Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall. And what a fabulous rendition it is too, it just gives the hole piece a new sound dimension. The re-mastered version is the original mix of The Snow Goose by David Hitchcock and it also includes an introduction from Peter Bardens and two bonus tracks at the end.

If you want to feel the power and strength of Camel live you must get this album and I would certainly recommend the re-mastered version with the seven bonus tracks. I just wish I had been introduced to Camel earlier so that I could have been there.

Favourite track - Never Let Go
Favourite bonus track -

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1. Pressure Points
2. Drafted
3. Captured
4. Lies
5. Sasquatch
6. West Berlin
7. Fingertips
8. Wait
9. Rhayader
10. Rhayader Goes to Town


Unfortunately I was a little disappointed with this album as I expected it to contain more from "Stationary Traveler" and if you have read my studio album reviews you will know that I was never over keen on the "Nude" album from which we have three tracks here. Also, to make it even worse, the "Stationary Traveler" title track has not been included which is my favorite from that album.

Having said all that the recording is very good and it still portrays the spirit of the band playing live. Apart from "Wait", not keen on this live version of a very good album track it just does not do it justice at all.

This performance is also available on VHS. (If you can find it?)

Favourite track - Pressure Points

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Released 1992

1. Lady Fantasy
2. Six Ate
3. White Rider
4. God of Light - Revisited by Peter Bardens




This live tape was recorded in 1972 but was not released as an album until 1992 by Camel Productions. As quoted by Andrew Latimer from the album cover, "I chose this tape because it has the feel that inspired us to work together, despite it being nearly 20 years old and not the best quality. It's meant to be a bit of fun and an inexpensive souvenir of a few memories, which is something that will never change". I think that covers everything about this album although its got a few rough edges and a few wart's its a must for your collection.

The album only has four tacks but a running time of over 44 minutes, its simply a live jam session. But it has the feeling of a very tight band with great anticipation of the other band members. White Rider is an excellent track but Peter Bardens is in another world on his rendition of God of Light.

Favourite track - White Rider

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1. Never Let Go
2. Earthrise
3. Rhayader
4. Rhayader Goes to Town
5. Spirit of the Water
6. Unevensong
7. Echoes
8. Ice
9. City Life
10. Drafted

1. Dust Bowl
2. Go West
3. Dusted Out
4. Mother Road
5. Needles
6. Rose of Sharon
7. Milk and Honey
8. End of the Line
9. Storm Clouds
10. Cotton Camp
11. Broken Banks
12. Sheet Rain
13. Whispers
14. Little Rivers and Little Rose
15. Hopeless Anger
16. Whispers in the Rain
17. Sasquatch
18. Lady Fantasy: Encounter/Smiles for You/Lady Fantasy

The best Camel live album since "A Live Record".
Was this Camel unplugged, was my first thoughts as the title track, "Never Let Go", filled the room with acoustic guitar. Although I was wrong this set the mood for the rest of the album.Very much a similar format to "A Live Record", in two live sets, with the first CD giving you a brief but excellent history of the first 20 years of live Camel. The second CD a complete, and I must say magnificent, live rendition of "Dust and Dreams". And what a fabulous performance considering at this point there were only four members in the band. My room was filled as if a full orchestra was supporting Camel. The only thing missing was the harmonies of the female voice in "Rose of Sharon" but there has to be some compromises with a live performance.
I still think "A Live Record" holds the raw edge but it well deserves a high rating and is a must for all Camel enthusiasts.

Favourite track - Never Let Go


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Released 1994

1. Sasquatch
2. Highways of the Sun
3. Hymn to Her
4. Neon Magic
5. You Are the One
6. Drafted
7. Lies
8. Captured
9. Heart's Desire/End Peace
10. Heroes
11. Who We Are
12. Manic
13. Wait
14. Never Let Go



Unfortunately the sound quality on this albums recording is awful, but apparently the original tapes were lost and they used the sound engineers tapes from the mixing desk. There are also certain parts of the performance that seem to lack a little professionalism and some of the vocals on certain tracks, such as Heroes, do leave something to be desired. This could be of course, partly due to the lack of flexibility available during the mixing of the album as a result of the source tapes limited quality. However, the album does Portray a sense of fun during the performance. I did attend the concert in Birmingham and performance came over far better than it sounds here.

There are still some very good tracks and its well worth having in your collection, but I am convinced its the poor sound quality that prevents me playing it more often.

Favourite track - Hymn to Her

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Released 1997


1. Never Let Go
2. Song Within a Song
3. Lunar Sea
4. City Life
5. Nude
6. Drafted
7. Docks
8. Beached
9. Landscapes
10. Changing Places
11. Reflections
12. Captured
13. Last Farewell



The sound quality here is far superior to On the Road 1982. A good processional performance but at some points did tend to edge towards being a little clinical. I did attend this concert and although I am not so keen on the "Nude" album it was performed very well. Having said that I did much prefer the older songs. "Luner Sea" is a fabulous production but "Song Within a Song" remains a favorite track. Colin Bass certainly excelled with his vocals on this album but where was he on the 1982 tour? Perhaps somebody can answer that for me.

On the whole a very good album and probably deserves more than a three Camel rating but not quite good enough for four.

Favourite track - Song Within a Song

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1. Lunar Sea
2. Hymn to Her
3. Rhayader
4. Rhayader Goes to Town
5. Preparation
6. Dunkirk
7. Drafted
8. Docks
9. Beached
10. Spirit of the Water
11. Ice
12. Sasquatch


1. Milk and Honey
2. Mother Road
3. Needles
4. Rose of Sharon
5. Irish Air
6. Irish Air (Reprise)
7. Harbour of Tears
8. Cóbh
9. Send Home the Slates
10. Under the Moon
11. Watching the Bobbins
12. Eyes of Ireland
13. Running from Paradise
14. End of the Day
15. Coming of Age
16. Hour Candle

Another very good live double album. Camel always seem to produce their best live work on longer recordings. This is now a familiar format recorded in the two sets or CD's.

The first set giving a selection from past albums. This being a good combination of the old and newer Camel starting with a dramatic opening performance of "Lunar Sea". Hymn to Her has always been one of my favorite but "Ice" must still remain my favorite track from the album which is excellently performed here.

The second set, in this case, combining selections from "Dust and Dreams" and "Harbour of Tears. And this works extremely well as both albums follow a similar theme. Harbour of Dreams portraying emigration from Ireland to America and Dust and Dreams the portrayal of moving west during the American depression. The majority of the second CD is dedicated to Harbour of Tears, being their new album at the time. And as I pointed out in the studio album review, the last few tracks are played as one and tend the meander around and end up nowhere. Having said that it does seem to work much better on this live version.

This excellent performance is also available on VHS and now DVD with bonus footage. (The DVD is awesome)

Favourite track - Ice

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1. God of light revisited
2. White rider
3. Lady fantasy
4. Arubaluba
5. Excerpts from the Snow Goose




Recorded back in 1973-75 originally an illegal bootleg titled "Famous Rock Dreams". It was produced in Italy and taken from two vinyl records one of them called "Greasy Truckers, Live at Dingwall's Dance Hall", the title of the second album remains a mystery. Released as an official bootleg by Camel Productions in 2000. So now you can buy this album, not feeling guilty and knowing that any profits are going to the right place.

The album itself, although a little rough around the edges, really shows the strength of the band in the very early days. Only five tracks, but don't let that put you off, as the last track alone is in excess of 27 minutes. The first track, "Gods of Light Revisited", to me is not typical of Camel. However, it is a very good rock track that does have a "Santana" ring about it. The remaining tracks are very typical Camel and are defiantly worth having particularly the final track, "Excerpts from the Snow Goose", which was taken from a BBC Radio One recording, In Concert 1975.

Favourite track- Excerpts from the Snow Goose

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1. Ice
2. Chord Change
3. Fingertips
4. Slow Yourself Down
5. Sahara
6. Mother Road
7. Little Rivers
8. Hopeless Anger
9. Lady Fantasy
10. Slow Yourself Down (Previously unreleased version - Bonus track)



I don't know how but I missed this tour and the one venue was less than five miles away from me at Dudley in the West Midlands. Sorry Andy I won't let it happen again.

Apparently the tour was plagued with disaster. Amongst other things Andy had an extremely bad cold which turned to a bronchial infection and if that's not enough he later chipped a bone in his knee cap and had to perform sitting down. Due to Andy's infection he was unable to sing and Colin Bass and Guy LeBlanc take over the vocals. This makes it a slightly deferent sounding album without the familiar sound of Andy's voice but on the whole they did a credible job. However, you do get a chance to here his voice in the final, bonus, track. There is defiantly an air of acoustics about this album but this track is an incredible version of Slow Yourself Down. And it certainly lives up to its tittle. It must be a forerunner for the forthcoming acoustic album. Lady Fantasy is very much a Jam session lasting over 15 minutes it takes you back to the Camel harder rock performances.

Overall a very good mixture of Camel muscle variations here and with all those problems to overcome the album is still excellent

Favourite track - Slow Yourself Down
(Bonus Track)

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