Spotlight interview published in Royal Mails Courier magazine featuring
Allan "Rajaz" Lavender doing my day job, (well shift job actually).
Click here or on image to read the feature

Picture sent in by Rob James
Must be Andy's own personal parking space

Camel Match
I found this leather camel in a market at Stratford-on-Avon. I'm looking for that train now.

From Shane "Camel" Carlson
Nice bit of artwork portraying Camel in Arabic

A sneak preview of the new band member -
Did anybody spot him on the Farewell Tour

This was in the Gulf News on 26th June 2003
Oh man...only in Dubai!! I guess the Milton Keynes cows have got nothing on these guys!!!
From Shane "Camel" Carlson

Allan "Rajaz" Lavender with the hump
produced by my daughter Sarah but she does love me really

Yet another gem produced by Sarah

Hello Miss.Camel

This camel photographer is used for
the Farewell Tour Pics Link!
Produced by Sarah
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