Camel ~ Farewell Tour Images
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USA Tour

The Catalyst in California ~ 26th June 2003

Link to site Images only by Greg Aranda
Link provided by
Thomas Kovach
(Not sure how long they will remain there)

Europe Tour

The Paradiso Amsterdam Holland ~ 20th October 2003

Tivoli Utrecht Holland ~ 21st October 2003

The Maastricht, Platte Zao,
Holland ~ 22nd October 2003

Tilburg Holland ~ 23rd October 2003

Rijssen Holland ~ 24th October 2003

The Oosterport Groningen Holland ~ 26th October 2003

The Stables Milton Keynes UK ~ 27th October 2003

The UK Element

Astoria London UK ~ 28th October 2003

The Final Gig

The Corporation Sheffield UK ~ 29th October 2003

Fun Images

Fun Images
from The Paradiso concert in Amsterdam Holland


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