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This picture was taken following the recording of the "Camel Special" radio feature, at the ARfm studios in Tamworth, UK, on 25th November 2006.

Shane "Camel" Carlson did all the presenting with the help of the professionals Paul and Ralph. I was just there to make up the numbers and record a bit of video.

It was a very memorable day - We did have a few glasses of lemonade afterwards

From left to right:

Ralph Rea, Paul Baker, Shane Carlson and Allan Lavender
Picture taken by "The Tea Lady" Lynn Baker

Kevin Walker with, well perhaps not an artist associated with Camel but "YES", an artist always welcome on Rajaz.

Kindly sent in by ~ Reza Vakil who wrote:

Last week I saw a photo from a nice Guy ( Kevin walker) with Andrew. Now the
link does not work, bet you'll find it interesting. An old Andy Latimer...

I think a simple case of mistaken identity.

Jean-Pierre with ANDY after the last gig on 25/10/2003 in Verviers, Belgium.

I'm Jean-Pierre Delbart, an old fan of CAMEL. I'm 46. I live in Belgium and I learn english at evening school. Obviously, I' ve chosen "CAMEL". So I look on different websites for some ideas and I found yours.

I saw CAMEL six times.1982 SERAING B
2000 PARIS F


Peter "Riverman" Thomas
Andy Latimer, Susan Hoover and Dave Stewart
at the
Astoria in London 1997

Peter is also a member of the Rajaz Forum as River_Man

Jorge with Andy Ward and Richard Sinclair in Portugal. He went to a festival and was lucky enough to meet them there

Photo was sent to me by his friend David Saunders
David is an active supporter of the Rajaz Forum as nedflanders123


Cancún México, May 17, 2004.

Dear Andy,
A few days ago I was having lunch with my sons Andrew & Rudy and my wife, we were talking about my brother and sisters, when suddenly my son Rudy (6 years old) asked me:
“Daddy, Andy Latimer is also my uncle?” I stayed thinking for an instant, and I answered:
“Yes of course, Andy is also your uncle”
We continued having lunch, and I wonder why he does asked me that, and I found the answer easily…
“...Andy is so inside into my heart and so present everyday in my life as anyone of my brother and sisters...”
I truly thank you for giving happiness to my family not only with your wonderful music also with your valuable friendship.

God bless you forever…


Warm regards,

Inspired by RAJAZ. I spent some time last year in the Morrocan Sahara. Cycling through this land, living on the rhythm of the minaret, enjoying the rich culture, made the music even more inspiring to me. I did a camel trek for 4 days, and spent some time with a nomad family. My desert guide on the picture is Asou Boramden from Mauretania. He is a farmer's son. His dad owns 20 camels, and other cattle. The family lives in the desert border area of Morroco/Mauretania/Algeria. After couscous diner Asou played on his drums, and told me a lot about his childhood ("a nod and a wink"?). He travelled a lot with the big camel caravans to Timbouktou, and told me about the musicians and poets. The dialogue between us during the days, made us friends.

I missed the farewell concert in Holland. But the music accompanies the traveller in his heart.

Kind regards, JOHAN GERRITSE, Delft, Holland.

Allan "Rajaz" Lavender and Shane "Camel" Carlson finally meet at Banbury Cross
We thought we'd take Banbury by storm but the Morris Dancers stole the day
(6th July 2003)

David Pagden from Canada,
(in the Moonmadness Tshirt),and his brother Steve before the final Farewell concert at the The Corporation in Sheffield in the UK on the 29th October 2003.

Apparently Steve is not a Camel fan but enjoyed the concert a lot.
David is an active supporter of the Rajaz Forum as noni

Yes, that time has come when Rajaz reaches the half century, but who could wish for a better 50th birthday cake. It took me a while before I plucked up the courage to cut into it. After a week all that was left was Andy's head, sad I know but could you eat Andy's head ?

By the way that's my wife Janet. That night she was really proud of Rajaz.

Stationary M25 Traveller - a few years ago - obviously destined for a life
on the road.

As you can see - there wasn't so much traffic around in the 1960's !

Stationary M25 Traveller is an active supporter of the Rajaz Forum

Shane "Camel" Carlson
from - Dubai
The sign of things to come
Shane as Ozzy Osbourne
Now who's he giving the Hump?

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