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Steve Negus from Saga, before "Stationary Traveller", was offered a gig to record with Camel, but it fell through at the last minute, at the time Carl Leighton Pope was the agent for both bands.

Steve says, "My main influence is Dave Garibaldi, drummer from Tower of Power, but I know I was influenced by a lot of drummers, John Bonham, Phil Collins etc."

Follow the link below and visit Saga World

Information was supplied by Frederic Huybens. from Brussels, Belgium.

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Andy plays on a benefit album of 1985 called "Greenpeace - The album"? He plays on a duet by Chris Thompson with Hazel O'Connor called "push and shove" although he's not credited on the album.

The original version of "Eye of the storm" from "I can see your house from here" appears on the Happy the Man record "Better late...". This album was released long after the the Camel record although recorded before. It was a collection of demos wich was supposed to get them a record deal for the third official Happy the Man album which never saw the light of day.

Some more interesting information from Frederic Huybens

Did you know that:

Here are a couple of more albums that Andy Latimer appeared on :-)

Denis Quinn - Open Secret
Francis Monkman - Dweller On The Threshold
Michael Chapman - The Man Who Hated Mornings
Michael Chapman - Savage Amusement
Phillip Goodhand-Tait - I Think I'll Write A Song ( also with Doug Ferguson & Andy Ward )

Information was supplied by Andy Stratman U.K.

Did you know that:

Andrew Latimer features on the Kayak's album Close to the Fire. He plays guitar on the track Full Circle. (Information was supplied by Dave Pagden). He tells me that the album is well worth a listen to and Full Circle is one of the tracks that stands out. Other excellent tracks include Fire, Crusader, When Hearts Crow Cold, and Frozen Flame.

Did you know that:

Colin Bass', re-mastered version of his album "An Outcast of the Islands", is due to be released on 1st July 2003. It includes three bonus tracks "Poznan Pie", "Burning Bridges (live)", "As Far As I Can See (live)" . One of these bonus tracks features Andrew Latimer, and has never been previously released.

Information was supplied by Dave Pagden

Did you know that:

Camel, minus Pete Bardens, backed Philip Goodhand-Tait on his 1971 album, "I think I'll Write a Song". There is also a Brew album in the vaults somewhere which has never seen the light of day. Andy Latimer also guested on a couple of Michael Chapman albums and an album by new world artist Ashra
Information was supplied by Steve via Christine Rose