Farewell Tour ~ Sarah's Review

My experience of 'the camel feeling' (as my dad calls it) was incredible! The actual concert was brilliant and I was never aware that I actually knew the words to many of the songs! I had never experienced a concert by a 'proper' band before and it has opened my eyes to what my dad has been going on about all these years! The atmosphere at the stables was brilliant and the whole room was full of committed camel fans nodding, tapping and pretending to play the drums. My favorite tracks were uneven song, foxhill and my overall favorite is Drafted. I like Foxhill because the story line to the song is very funny and the music itself is great. I also loved Colin Bass's fox impressions at the end! I really enjoyed the Unevensong as well, my dad and me were listening to that track in the car on the way to Milton Keynes and I liked it then but of course I like it even more after hearing it live!

I was so pleased and surprised when my dad and me met Andy in the car park before the gig. I have never been so surprised in my life and didn't release that he was a human just like the rest of us….I thought he was a guitar playing robot! It took my Dad and me quite a while to find The Stables so we were convinced it was fate that as soon as we got out the car we bumped into the man himself. We had pictures with him and he seemed like a nice bloke.
After the gig I was so surprised when Colin Bass appeared ( I was glad we hung around for a while ). As we were waiting to see Colin the rest came out as well and it was so weird meeting the band that had just been playing great music in the concert. Colin was great and I cant believe how down to earth he is and how nice he was. He wrote my name on my ticket and signed it for me and then I had a photo with him! I was very pleased!!
We also had the tickets signed by Andy, Ton and Denis. I never thought I would meet any of the band so I was over the moon when I had met them all! I am now a official Camel fan and me and my dad cant stop talking about it! I have even watched Curriculum Vitae and Pressure points on DVD and found it all quite interesting and I have enjoyed learning about the band and how it all came about.
Thanks Camel for a great night!!

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