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Pete Harris ~ Profile:

Hi everyone,

My name is Pete Harris. I'm probably more familiar to my fellow Rajaz forum members as Triamp9 (or T9).

Last December I started recording some music at home and decided to have a go at something of my own making inspired by the works of Andy Latimer and friends who over the years have made up various incarnations of the band that we all know and love as Camel. Some of you have listened the clip of Latitude that I posted on my Soundclick page around last Christmas time and I'd like to thank all those who contacted me privately or via the forum with positive feedback and encouragement after listening to it. (those that didn't... he-he, I'll deal with you later!! :) ).

It's taken a couple of weeks longer than I expected to complete but the finished track is now available as a free download exclusively for all of my fellow Rajaz friends. I hope you'll enjoy it and as well as Andys'/Camel influences also find some of my own playing style and personality in there somewhere. My last band of 6 years specialised mainly in blues and rock and I think some of my blues roots have come through in places as well... don't let that frighten you off though!

I'll be doing more recording throughout 2007 but have decided that some of the equipment in my modest home studio needs upgrading so that I can concentrate more on creating music rather than having to spend time working my way around the limitations and technical issues that often cropped up whilst recording Latitude with my current set-up. It was a challenge recording Latitude on an 8 track machine especially as it developed a faulty fader on one channel recently, effectively reducing it to a 7 track! I'm hoping to go to 16 track (at least) for any future projects.

Last but certainly not least, a big thanks to Allan (Rajaz) Lavender and Shane (Camel) Carlson for allowing me this space on the superb Rajaz website, and of course Camel, for the inspiration and enjoyment I've enjoyed through listening to their wonderful music over the years.



PS. Latitude is best enjoyed at the highest volume that you and your neighbours can bear!

Musical Background

I first picked up a guitar at the age of 19 after seeing Santana in concert on TV. Within a couple of years I was out playing in bands around Cambridge and have played hundreds of gigs in pubs, clubs, and at some bigger venues and festivals around East Anglia right up until a couple of years ago. In more recent years I've studied for an HND in Sound Engineering, tutored guitar, and written Guitar and Amp reviews for Guitar Buyer magazine.

I'm totally self taught and I'd say my main influences over the years have been Carlos Santana, David Gilmour and Gary Moore to a lesser extent. My biggest influence and inspiration comes of course from Andrew Latimer. Not only is he a a great vocalist and songwriter, his guitar work has all of the essential ingredients... a superb technique and sense of melody but more importantly Andy puts his heart and soul into every note, bringing an emotive quality to Camels' music that many other bands lack and are unable to emulate.


Equipment list

For the recording of Latitude I used the following toys :-

Fender Eric Clapton Stratocaster (Olympic White)
Godin xtSA
Roland GR33 Guitar Synthesizer
Zoom MRS 1044 8 track
M-Audio Axiom 25 midi keyboard controller
Spectrasonics - Symphony of Voices
Mastered with 'Audacity

Additional Information:

Contact Details ~ You can contact me via the Rajaz forum (Triamp9)
Website ~ Eventually
Album Progress ~ I'll keep you posted.
Birth Place ~ Cambridge UK
Date of Birth ~ 10/12/58
Current Town ~ Cambridge/Grantham

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