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Mick has been producing, engineering and mixing for over 30 years. Initially known for his work recording and producing new wave and punk bands like Magazine, Public Image Ltd, Penetration and The Ruts, he had huge success as a record producer throughout the 1980's collaborating with bands like The Waterboys, Furniture and The Wonderstuff.
Mick also has a 25 year history with Van Morrison which continues to this day, spending most of 2004 and 2005 extensively mixing Van's archive material for a long awaited box set.

Mick Glossop was the co-producer of Camel's 1978 album "Breathless" and he has kindly agreed to participate in the "Heroes" web feature. Shane "Camel" Carlson spoke to Mick at his home studio in the UK on 7th May 2007



Although it was a long time ago, I do remember first coming into contact with Camel via Peter Bardens. He was working on Van Morrison's "Wavelength" album as was I.

Shortly after meeting Pete, I was introduced to the rest of Camel who then asked me to work on their new album.

We spent the first few weeks at The Manor Studios laying down the basic tracks before moving to Chipping Norton Studios, near Cheltenham in the UK, to spend the next 2 or 3 weeks on the over-dubs. Once completed we relocated to the famous London Threshold Studios (where such people as John Mayall, Ginger Baker amongst others had recorded), that were in fact Decca's own studios, to complete the over-dubs and record Mel Collins' horn sessions.

Overall, I had a good time with a nice bunch of guys who were civilised, well meaning and genuinely wanting to make a great album!

There was an interesting creative dynamic, tension and competitive rivalry between Andy and Pete at that time which was certainly mostly harmonious. I do remember quite a bit of "to-ing and fro-ing" with the over-dubs though that were quite amusing. Andy was a "day-time person" and would come into the studio to record his input and then leave. Pete, however, was a "night-time person" and he would come in later in the day to record his ideas. Of course, Andy would then come into the studio the next day and want to make changes...and then Pete would subsequently come into the studio the following evening and want to make his changes to Andy's overdubs! Needless to say, we got there in the end...

However, having said all that though, none of this was ever visibly acrimonious.

My lasting memory of the recording sessions for the "Breathless" album though are of it being a fun time.

Best wishes to all you Camel fans!


Mick Glossop

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