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Jan Schelhaas ~ Camel Reflections

"Hello! and many thanks to Shane & Allan for making it possible for me to finally say a special thank you to fans of the band during my tour of duty for making it one of the most gloriously magic periods of my life".

Rock&Roll memories; Waking up on tour bus "oh No not another glorious panoramic vista"

Novatel adventure-Hotel apparently deserted- A. Ward steps out of room naked to borrow shampoo /door closes behind/mercy dash into lift to get towel at reception /lift doors open /party of German tourists....more?

I do have one more R& Roll memory .Awoken bleary eyed one bright tour morning I reached fumbling for the offending telephone.The conversation went something like this;
Laurie Small:"Good morning is that you Jan?"
Jan:( Yawning) "Yeah?"
L S: " Is Andy (Ward) there?"
Jan: ( looks over sees A W in his bed sleeping soundly)" Yes he's asleep"
L S: "Well its about your door"
Jan: "Not sure what you mean Laurie, what about our door"
L S;" Well, its down here in reception"....................

Makes you wonder what I'd slept through.I still don't know!

Regards Jan

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Jan's Latest Work
Latest solo project "Dark Ships" Release Jan 08 (Guest Doug Boyle)

Since Caravan’s Last UK gig at the I.O.W. festival I have been working on a solo project “Dark Ships” which is now being finalized. At the time of writing Doug Boyle is the only other musician involved (He plays on six tracks). Fans of Doug’s playing will not be disappointed I promise you.

Both Andy Latimer and Jim Leverton did offer to contribute but this has proved impractical so far. However since release is planned for Jan 08, All things are possible

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