Rajaz ~The Rhythm of the CAMEL
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The music of poets once carried caravans across the great deserts.

Sung in a simple metre of the animal's footsteps, it transfixed weary travellers on their sole objective... journey's end.

The poetry is called 'rajaz'.
It is the rhythm of the camel.

What or who are Camel?
Camel are a progressive rock band that have been producing excellent theme music for over thirty years. During it's life span Camel has seen much change with Andy Latimer being the only original member. He has stated that fans will expect a lot of change and that Camel, to him, is a style of music rather than who is playing it. He now resides in America with his partner and wife Susan Hoover keeping the Camel movement alive with their company Camel Productions.
Visit their site and find out what you've been missing out on "After all these years"